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15 Minutes to Live

I just signed up for a 30 Day writing challenge where I’m given a prompt to write about and have to post it on a blog somewhere. So here’s the prompt:

“We are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death, and afraid of each other. Our age yields no great and perfect persons.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You just discovered you have fifteen minutes to live.

1. Set a timer for fifteen minutes.

2. Write the story that has to be written.



If I truly discovered I had 15 minute to live, I likely wouldn’t be writing down the story that has to be told. But I’ll tell it anyway.

The truth is, I’m not ready to die. And yet I’m so bored with the life I lead. My priorities in order are my family, my job, my God, my friends, and somewhere way down the list is me. I’m not even sure I’m on that list sometimes. I’ve spent my life working and helping others because it makes me feel useful. I’m not ready to die because I’m not sure I’ve lived. Yes. I have been successful at work. Mostly because I put in more hours than others and learning is my particular talent. I would say that I have a better relationship with my family than in years past. But that’s because I’ve grown and changed. I’m an entirely different person that I was even 3 months ago. I still have a lot to live for.

But I would say this to those who care. Truth is hard. And the startling truth that becomes apparent when you’re about to die is that you don’t want to. I’m not done yet. I’ve still got my music still in me and I have got to live to get it out. Life were it to end today would be tragically cut short. Short of my potential. I would fall drastically below the yellow line and that’s not the way I want to go out. It’s the result of the people who wait for life to happen to them. Those who wait for some prince charming or other fantastical event or creature to happen in their life inspiring change. I’ve got that in me today. Just don’t wait for life to begin. For it never will.

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Lenten Promise

It started on Monday. I was curious. My mind was disconnected from work from friends and from life in general. I had an extreme bout of apathy. Getting back on track and away from the numbness drowning me is not going to be easy. Similar to years previous, I have decided to give something up for Lent.

I would love to tell you that I began the Lenten promise years ago to reconnect spiritually. Or because of my devote religious beliefs. But that is not true. I started giving something up for Lent because I went to Catholic school and I was still desperately insecure and wanting to fit in. Always seeming to fall just outside the inner circles, I didn’t want yet another thing separating me from them. It’s only in recent years that I started using the Lenten promise for its intended purpose. Conincidentally it aligns a lot with a renewed sense of self and security. Weird huh?

So this year is a little different. I’m at a loss for what to give up. This year I’ve already given up caffeine, namely Diet Dr. Pepper,  my arch nemesis and haunting mistress. I started back in yoga and quit my job to refocus my energy on my friends and family. Okay okay. Quitting my job also had a lot to do with allowing my gypsy soul to be sated with endless possibilities of travel and untold riches of renewed relationships and friendships. But that hasn’t helped me really identify what to give up for Lent. I’ve given up so many of my demons and clarified my sense of purpose in the process. 

At a last resort, I posted my question not to the all knowing Magic 8 ball but to my adoring friends and family on Facebook. And their responses never failed to amuse and enlighten me. Responses range from giving up sobriety and Lent to more serious suggestions of giving up the Internet. 2 people even suggested giving up Facebook. Woah. Not sure if I’m quite there yet but thanks for the anxiety attack. Albeit giving up sobriety would be a fruitful endevor, I ultimately landed on something that serves two mistresses, renewing my connectedness to spirit and giving me more free time to explore. After my mind tumbled around like clothes in a dryer, I landed upon television.

For me, television is my default boredom avoidance system. It’s usually on even when I’m doing other things, a backdrop to my otherwise adventurous life. So I’m curious to explore how I might react. Will I miss it? I doubt it. Will I be inspired to create my own stories? Probably since I already do that but who knows what craziness is going to come out of this mind. Will I be more at peace? Will that restlessness in me be quelled? Who knows?

And so here I go. No more television until Easter. I unplugged it before leaving for Houston. I wonder how much I might save on my electricity bill? I’m actually looking forward to the challenge. It should prove enlightening. Who knows where this adventure is going to end up?

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Happy Mardi Gras

Posted by: txaggiechick | November 2, 2009

Seeing the forest for the trees

Yesterday I learned a new skill. I know! Surprise. There is a multitude of things I have yet to try in this world and one of those things was weed eating. Yes. You heard it hear first. I channeled my inner lawn and gardener and spent about an hour and a half yesterday weed eating my lawn. Eventually I had given my lawn a buzz cut that a marine would be proud of but during the process, at first I thought I was done. I had been so focused on one thing and got that particular weed nailed only to look up and realize that I wasn’t done. Not by a long shot. It got me to thinking about how I might be losing sight of the big picture. Ever feel like you need some time to truly reflect and see the big picture?


Oh in other news: Halloween weekend was spectacular. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend surrounded by great friends, family and fun crazy nutty people. It’s just a good time.


Posted by: txaggiechick | October 26, 2009

Starting Again…

Mel’s great post today summed it up pretty well. She mentioned that the rain was very similar to a purification and allows you to start over. Today’s rain certainly has that sort of feeling to it. It’s really purifying. Today I realized that I just want to start living my best life again which means finding some place to volunteer and give back, be healthier and recenter my energies around great, positive influences. I feel as though I’ve lost connection with myself lately …  my true self. It’s time to begin again and of course I can’t resist dancing in the rain.

I also realized that my health and fitness goals are within reach. They’re absolutely positively possible.  I’ve already accomplished one thing that a few months ago everyone who knows me would have deemed impossible. I gave up Diet Dr. Pepper. Haven’t had a drop since June 21. It’s amazing but positive, life changes do occur and people can change. I’m living proof. So now I just have to keep the forward progress going. So I sat down tonight and planned out all of my meals and workouts for the rest of the week. It makes it easier to stick to! Now it’s back to basics of eating right and exercising… and dancing. Anyone want to take dance classes with me? Any form or medium… I’m all for it.

Life’s like Texas Aggie Football…. Good, bad, or really ugly, it’ll always surprise you. Can’t believe we actually won in Lubbock over the weekend. I am still in shock even more so than the horrid loss we suffered against Kansas State. Talk about unpredictable! Crazy Aggies. Trix are for Kids.

In other news, I’m writing again. It feels good. Stay tuned for some great fiction 🙂 I have a very active imagination!

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Speaking in Tongues

We’re both speaking English. At least I think we are. But it’s as if we’re speaking entirely different languages. I’ve had this feeling a lot lately. Most recently I have been working with a travel writing community on several articles. And it feels like there’s some unstated rule or uncommunicated deadlines that are not expressed. One would assume that journalists and communications majors are effective communicators but I’m often finding myself unawares. As if I’m not asking the right questions or blindsided by their expectations. It’s like I’m learning a whole new language and one that I will master.

In other news, the A/C man finally came out to replace the motor. A whole month and a few days without A/C due to even more miscommunications and failures to communicate. After being stood up by him 4 times. He finally comes out to tell me he needs to order a part. It took 3 weeks to get the part he needed and of course I tried to make arrangements with him to see if he needed me to leave a check and access to the house for a friend since I was in Europe for a few weeks. He never responded. Then he calls while I’m gone. So I called me back to schedule a time and he tells me he returned the part because he couldn’t get ahold of me even after I told him 7 times I was in Europe BEFORE I left. For some reason there are days when I just think it’s me that is crazy and everyone else is sane. It’s like we’re all speaking in tongues.

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On the road again…

Well really I’m in flight again. Otherwise it might take me a little while longer to arrive here in London. So you guessed it, I’m in London again. And this time around it’s really great. While London hasn’t changed very much at all, I certainly have. It’s become apparent just how much I’ve changed by coming back to London. I am much happier today than I was back then. And I’m keeping that forward momentum going. I have literally gotten rid of the most toxic relationships in my life and freed myself from anything that might possibly bring me down. It’s allowed me to be open to new things. It’s amazing.

Enough on the serious stuff. You should see my journals if you want the deep intimate details but I’m not going there. My flight to London was pretty routine. I was delighted to have a working video entertainment system and the man next to me who didn’t snore. It was a pretty routine flight. Pre-flight however was anything but routine. As many of you know, I’m trying to just meet new people so I’m practicing making eye contact and saying a friendly hi to all sorts of random people. Thursday I met the most hilarious person. I went to the duty free store to purchase a bottle of scotch ($20 for a single malt.. hell to the yes!) when I encountered this guy who we’ll call LiquorSam. LiquorSam was in charge of selling said scotch as it was on special and was hosting tastings in the duty free store. And boy was he scotched!

DFW was actually pretty slow for a Thursday and so I literally had little escape from his ministrations. LiquorSam gave me a free tasting of scotch and continued to regale me with his lifelong dreams. He told me about his failed relationships, his failure to remember his cell phone (as he wanted my number… after telling me he can’t stay faithful… uhm yeah… it’s a good thing I know the Papa Johns delivery number for Dallas just in case), and then he went on to tell me about his dreams. LiquorSam tells me how very logical he is. He then goes on to tell me that while his day job is to sell scotch at the duty free store in DFW, he’s really destined to do something great with his life and starts profiling all of the customers in the store. He wants to be a logistics analyst for the US government but his inability to keep his mouth shut keeps getting in his way. You would think this conversation took hours? No. this string of intimate details comes out within 15 minutes. In fact, my brother was texting me during the conversation and I wasn’t paying attention to half of it but I did have to excuse myself before he started in on the service men who had entered. It was here that I made the excuse that my plane was boarding and fled. I told him to keep chasing his dream. It certainly made me think twice about drinking too much scotch so he’s making a positive impact on life after all!

I promise to post more while I’m away. I have been posting to my health and travel blogs too. Look for more articles at Matador. I’m really loving it! Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the story about my 3 hour walk in Hyde Park including a bit of a nekkid surprise… so stay tuned.

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Oh the joys of home ownership

I know! I haven’t posted in forever. You are so right. I have been neglecting you. Mea Culpa.

So the joys of home ownership continue. I’ve already won a war with the dishwasher. The arm will now stay in place and victory is mine! This week’s work revolved around a much greater arch nemesis, the dryer. Buit circa 1942, the washer dryer combo left by the previous owner leaves little to be desired. BUT, they work. Well kinda. When you do the prayer and rain dance around them. Ho – ya Ho – ya. But the dryer doesn’t dry for the life of it. Well it didn’t. Until SuperMetalchick intervened to save the day! Note: No power tools were harmed in this process.

When I noticed the dryer wasn’t drying, I asked around a bit. See! A girl can learn! And I was told that it’s possible the lint vent might be clogged. So yesterday I investigated a little more closely only to discover that indeed, it was full of straw!?! Once the straw was removed, the drying took on a likeness of having sheets that felt hot as the Sarhara Desert. Much goodness goes out to all those who helped out in my time of need.

Lint Vent Blockage

Lint Vent Blockage

In other news, I recently became a published author! I was recently paid for my first online writing assignment. This project is what’s taken me away from posting more regularly here. But no worries. I’m renewing my interest in all of my blogs! So stay tuned! Changes are a coming. And remember… life’s a journey and only you hold the map! So go off the beaten path! Hugs!

Posted by: txaggiechick | July 8, 2009

Updates and Stuff

I know. I have been poorly treating you my dear readers. Mea Culpa. And not really for a good reason. I’ve been working hard on some new blogging projects that have taken all of my writing time outside of work. And to be honest, I’m Loving it! (thank you mickey d’)

I’m working on a few new projects as an intern, contributor, and editor for various travel magazines and blogging sites. And I’ll be posting more about them when my contributions start to manifest moola.

In other news, I have successfully gotten off of caffeine. Well at least I’m not NEARLY as dependent upon it as I was before. How you ask? Well that’s my trade secret but I’ll divulge that it’s taken some slow process steps by first totally eliminating Diet Dr. Pepper from my diet. Yes that stuff that I’m soo addicted to. Then I substituted that with iced tea. Now I’ve eliminated all artificial sweeteners including Splenda. And to be honest, I like drinking water. I still drink iced tea but fresh, ice-cold water is so refreshing, especially after a nice long run. Oh and I rewarded myself today with a new pair of tennis shoes! Can’t wait to get back on the trails after being sick for the past couple of days! Wahoo.

Then in other other news, I close on my house in 2 weeks. I can’t freaking WAIT! I picked out colors and am all ready to go. It should be fantastic. OH! and if you remember this post about stars, I’ve already started pricing LED lit ceiling panels. I’ve got a plan! Don’t worry you’ll get an invite to the multiple house parties that we’re throwing! Should be fun times… had by all.

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I got my first comment on my new Travel Blog today from someone who I haven’t bribed, begged, or pleaded with to take a look at my site. Now I just have to finish the header graphic, facebook integration, and Twitter pages. First things first. Travel blog. Then the world! Oh and I might get an internship position at Matador…. writing about sports travel. Keep your fingers crossed.

In other news. I’m taking my life. Putting myself into a snowglobe. And shaking. REALLY Hard. Stay tuned. I know you’re fascinated.

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I know! I know!

I’m totally delinquent in any updates. But fear not! I’ll update you really soon on the super secret project! But in other news, I haven’t had a Diet Dr. Pepper in over 7 days now. Amazing what a little determination and inspiration can do huh? Thanks to my good friend for continuing to inspire me!

This weeks goal: Climb Mt. Everest! Too ambitious? Okay okay. I’m committed to increasing cardio to an hour a day.

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