Posted by: txaggiechick | June 4, 2007

Healthy Living Goals Week #1

My real life is a mess. there’s a massive divide between the woman I want to be and the woman that I am. Real life has a habit of throwing some kinks into a woman’s best intentions for sure. I am married to my job. I admit this and yes I am actively seeking a divorce. I have come to realize that there are a lot more important things than financial stability and working 24/7. It’s a hard pill to swallow for me but it’s true. However while I’m transitioning, this job is keeping me as a respectable member of society. This week is not unlike any other. However instead of traveling I will be in London most of the week with customers and entertaining royalty.

This week is going to be challenging to keep an active healthy lifestyle and eat right. There will be amazing food and drink thrust into my direction that it will be difficult to choose the walnut and strawberry salad with no dressing over the scrumptious crab cakes. But I’m determined to stay healthy and try not to drink too much.

My goal for the week is to get in at least 3 good workouts. This morning’s workout was a beautiful way to start off the week. Sweating like a pig, I departed the gym feeling refreshed and revitalized for the week ahead. It always makes me feel really good when I start my morning off right with some good gym time, a shower, and healthy breakfast.

Today my goal is to help me realize that what I do to my body and what I put into it for fuel is a choice. I am fully responsible for this choice and I should make better decisions about it. Realizing that I have choices is the most liberating thing I can imagine. I’m responsible for this choices and I have opinions. I know how I should eat. Now I just have to choose to eat that way.


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