Posted by: txaggiechick | June 9, 2007

Tempus Fugit

Well. As predicted, this week was a hurried maelstrom of activity most of which was a lot of work and a little fun. All of which was damaging to my healthy living lifestyle. Tuesday night I had an amazing dinner that was pleasant and on my diet. It was a key success. In fact I intended to write about it here. As I was leaving the restaurant, I realized that I didn’t feel hungry but I also wasn’t miserably stuffed. It was perfect. What was even better is Wednesday morning, I woke up clear headed and ready to tackle a new day. It was a great feeling. I enjoyed it immensely.

Then Wednesday and chaos hit me like a tornado leaving healthy living and my diet shattered. It’s all about the journey and this journey is filled with temptation to revert to an older unhealthier way of dealing with stress and emotional upheaval. Feeling entitled and stressed, I decided to go all out and drink Wednesday night. This was the turning point for my downfall as I rationalized away my goals for healthy living, fitness and energy living as some sort of fluke. With Thai food it’s nearly impossible to stick to my low carb diet. Thus I flew caution to the wind and ended up waking up Thursday morning dehydrated, lackadaisical, and lethargic. It wasn’t a good feeling at all so to compensate instead of reverting immediately back to my healthy, positive plan, I actually exacerbated the situation by not eating all day long. No wonder I’m metabolically resistant. My poor body knows not where to turn.

But I did learn a lot this week. Eating healthy actually does make me happy. It gives me energy, lets me get a good nights rest, and wake up refreshed in the morning. Eating poorly even for 1 meal can cause me to revert into a very unhealthy eating pattern which results in weight gain, laziness, and lethargy. I think that this is the first time I have really tied the two key points together. Emotional eating actually is something that I never quite took into consideration. But I know that when I’m happy and under no pressure, I eat much better than when I’m in a hurry and tired. When I have the time to plan my day and take into consideration my dining options, I eat appropriately. So this next week I am going to resolve that no matter what reality throws my life to take the 5 minutes before bed at night to really sit down and think about what I want to eat the next day, where I am going to get it, and find a good energy source for a workout.

PS I also learned that walking around in heels all week long is bad for the feet but an excellent way to workout the thighs and calves. I actually feel it working.


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