Posted by: txaggiechick | June 10, 2007

Looking forward… never look back

This week is going to be another crazy week at work. I fly to Newcastle at the butt crack of dawn in the morning. 2 full days of trying to get an expansive network configured, identified, and performing well. It’s another day at the office, something I’ve done a dozen times before. And so, I get on the plane and I go again hoping that this time when I finish, I will somehow feel more whole. I know deep down though that I won’t. I will leave there drained, exhausted, and with a ton more work to do. It’s time for me to learn going forward and not look back. I can apply all of this knowledge, get the work done, and still have time to spare to fly back again and do it all over again.

As for the lessons I’ve learned this past week, now that I’m more cognizant of how I feel, I want to apply this knowledge going forward. This week, like all weeks makes it difficult to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Reality and work kind of get in the way of making progress on my goals, but I am determined to find fulfillment in them. It’s time to grow, take 100% responsibility for my decisions, and ask for what I want. Gotta go forward and not look back. Stay positive and grow.


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