Posted by: txaggiechick | June 27, 2007

General Weirdness

I’ve returned from Europe. I’m home. But yet unsettled. It’s difficult for me given my personality to be so unsettled and so unsteady on my own two feet. There are so many decisions to make. And I find myself pitching to and fro like a ship in the berring strait. Sometimes it feels as though I have no control over my own life. And yet I have absolute control. I have too many choices and need to truly follow my heart. It’s time for me to become the woman that I really want to be and honestly, I’m scared.

Everyone here is the same but different. Events have transpired but for the most part everyone is the same. They all have this naive, glorious idea of what I did while I was in Europe. It wasn’t romantic or inspiring but I learned a lot. I am just struggling with finding ways to communicate what I accomplished without dashing everyone’s dreams about my European misadventures. Reality has a hard way of cementing the bitter truth while I spent most of my time thinking. Now that I’m home, I have no where to go and pretty much feel like I’m drowning as no one really understands what is going on. They all have their lives to get back to and I’m just intruding.



  1. It’s ok. Just know that you are loved and never intruding. You’ll figure it out.

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