Posted by: txaggiechick | July 5, 2007

Love Hate….

I had every intention of posting something witty today. I was going to entertain you with my wit and lively spirit. However the day has once again slipped from my grasp and I want to go go home. Unfortunately I’m couch surfing at the moment so Surf’s UP!

So now I’m blatantly copying a page from a blog that a friend of mine wrote about. She’s such a cool supportive friend. I only hope that one day I can be as good a friend to her as she is to me. She totally rocks my world. Oh and her little boy is the most precious thing yet to crawl.

Things I hate/Love:
1. I love to dance. It’s the only time I’m truly free.
2. I hate manipulative, selfish people.
3. I hate feeling used.
4. I love sunflowers. No matter what they brighten my day. I pretty much don’t like any other flower unless it’s potted in soil and alive.
5. I hate that I try to please everyone, especially the people that don’t deserve it.
6. I am not perfect.
7. I love Texas thunderstorms. They’re violent and passionate like me.
8. I love cheesy romance novels. Shush. I’m a romantic at heart and I embrace that true love exists somewhere for everyone.
9. I hate mosquitos.
10. I love people and getting to know people… even the ones that hurt you.
11. If I could, I would hire a person to clean and do my expense reports. I LOATHE expense reports.
12. I truly believe that everyone needs a little magic in their world. Thus I love LOVE Harry Potter books/movies.
13. I love sleeping with my teddy bear. He just made it back from the UK and I’ve missed him. Him and my cloud PJ’s.
14. I hate smoke and smokers. I’m glad the smoking ban is going into affect.
15. I love sparkely jewlery. Anything with a little sparkle and 1920’s old metal look and I love it. I normally don’t wear it but I’ll buy it by the ton.

That’s revealing enough for now. Some parting words. I will never seek to hurt anyone intentionally. Unintentionally I will certainly piss people off and make them mad. If I do that, please tell me about it. We’ll talk about it. Even if we both need time and space to calm down, acknowledge that we need that but set a time and come back to me. I never want to hurt anyone. Please stop hurting me. (He knows who he is).



  1. I HATE MOSQUITOS TOOOOOOO!!! I wonder if Hogwarts teaches a mosquito repellent spell?

  2. I bet they teach the mosquito bubble charm! That would be super cool. Like an invisible force field.

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