Posted by: txaggiechick | July 28, 2007

It’s a small world afterall…

This week has been hellva crazy. I haven’t checked my personal email account. I haven’t made the time to blog and I haven’t done much other than work and be around work people. I’m exhausted. All I can think about right now is crawling into bed and going to sleep for a very very long time. Unfortunately my friends are already frustrated with my lack of communication to them so I really need to make time to see them. It’ll be fun.

However now to the real post. This week, I had the rare opportunity to spend a night with 10,000 men. I went to the KISS Concert that Cisco put on at their annual Networkers event. While I’m not a HUGE KISS fan, I went because it would get me an opportunity to spend the night hanging out with one of the guys from work who isn’t annoying. I also got away from some of the crazies. They had human foosball, human hamster ball races, and guitar hero II. It was an adult male’s dream night. I had fun just walking around and chatting it up. It was a lot of fun. KISS put on an incredible show. Pictures below.  It was a lot of fun.. and sure beats riding around in a boat with a bunch of kiddos singing “It’s a small world after all”… (see. I am evil.. I just got that stuck in your head… didn’t i)


From the official site:

The set list was as follows-

Detroit Rock City
Makin’ Love
Calling Dr. Love
Lick It Up
I Love It Loud
Do You Love Me?
Got To Choose
Watchin’ You
Shout It Out Loud
God Of Thunder
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll
God Gave Rock ‘N Roll To You
Rock And Roll All Nite

Gene spit blood, breathed fire, and doused a shoulder riding female with his post fire drinking water. Paul smashed his guitar at the end, leaving it hanging over the side of the stage. Gene’s blood cup ended up kicked to the front row, along with lots of guitar picks. Paul joked they are avail for bar mitzvahs. He also showed off his new Washburn guitar models- changing axes all night. Tommy Thayer had a new pick design with flames in the KISS wording. Confetti blanketed the Cisco-ers at the end of the show, leaving them smiling as they ultimately left in a caravan of 20 some-odd buses back to Anaheim (where the convention was based). The stage crew flung out extra picks to the crowd as they took apart the stage after the show.


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