Posted by: txaggiechick | August 12, 2007


It’s one of those reflective times when I look back at the week and realize that human interaction is a lot more complicated than it at first appears. I look back and reflect on the conversations this week and realize that I have made several mistakes and people have misinterpreted what I intended them to get. I should know this by now but when I get tired, I should really really tell people, “I’m sorry. I’m really tired. Can we talk later when I’ve had some sleep?” Instead I try to suck it up thinking that I can be the bionic woman and forge through. But that’s when I’m at my worst. I get tired and then subsequently lazy and people get the bad side of me. They get the frustration and annoyance. Sometimes it’s directed at them but most of the time, it is misdirected and I end up apologizing anyway. This usually happens with my mom. I love her. She’s an incredible person. But we are two very different people so even when I’m at my best, we don’t communicate as effectively as we could. When I’m tired, it’s rubbish and things get said that get misinterpreted… and unwittingly I hurt people’s feelings… again. At least she knows me well enough by now to realize that she just needs to tell me and let me get some sleep and things get better. But it’s a vicious cycle. One I need to put a lot of work into improving. The written and spoken word is so complex. I’m ineffective at communication. It’s yet another thing on the list of areas for improvement.

In other news, my brother drove down from San Antonio to help me out. He and his wife drove in from San Antonio, picked me up at my apartment and took me to New Braunfels to get my car. He’s a very  good guy. And I finally got my car back! Yippee. But there is now a huge crack through the entire middle of my windshield. It’s on the list.


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