Posted by: txaggiechick | September 4, 2007

In a galaxy far far away…

The freaky dreams have returned. It’s insane. Literally. Now I’m not a big sci fi nut. I have watched a little Stargate SG1 but that’s about it. No closet Star Trek fan here. However, my subconscious is an all together different ball of wax apparently. Lord did I have a doozy of a dream last night. *cut to scene*

With my flaming red hair being blown by a large fan off camera, I’m standing on the precipice of a mountain looking out at the battle playing out before my eyes. Scantily clad in some sort of skin tight leather outfit with strategically placed holes for movement and agility, my peircing gaze reviews the stragetic opposition to world domination before I finally decide to engage my arch enemy in a battle to the death. Ominously I take out my trusted saber and yodel (yes yodel) my war chant before charging into the fray of blood wraiths and
winged saber tooth tigers. (it’s a dream I can’t even take myself seriously in the dreams) Recklessly charging forward, I enter the battle screaming and slashing at my snarling opponents. I feel like Zena warrior princess personified into a redheaded warrior for the good of the universe. Stalking the blood wraith prince with a fierceness that would make an Amazon proud, I call him out on the battlefield. Everything quiets down as I zone in on his heartbeat and wield this massive saber toward him. In a series of flashes of light and loud clashes of steel on steel, I am able to finally subjugate my prey into submission. With a final resounding thud, he is no more. Victory is mine and the planet is restored to peace and tranquility. Then I suddenly find myself realizing the hilarity of this situation and wake myself up laughing. Seriously. I should consider turning myself in for psychic evaluation. And people wonder why I don’t sleep… I ask you. Would you sleep if you had nutty dreams like this? Although this could be considered an untapped mine of creative genius that would propel me into writing several best selling novels and start an illustrious career in writing screenplays. Sci Fi nerds everywhere will love me…


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