Posted by: txaggiechick | September 22, 2007

Communication… a slip of the tongue

I’m really bad at talking on the phone. The other evening, there was a friend of mine that I was talking to. He’s always making me laugh and I really enjoy talking to him. While on the phone, it’s weird. I had no idea what I wanted to say after a while and ended the conversation. Of course immediately after hanging up the phone, I think of a half dozen other things that we could have talked about. But I am not a big phone talker. It’s harder for me to read people and I really like looking people in the eye when seeing them. Is there a decorum for talking on the phone? Are there things you should do in person? What happens when you never know if you’ll ever physically see that person again? What’s a girl to do? How does one become a better conversationalist on the phone? How do you ask for what you really want and get it?


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