Posted by: txaggiechick | November 5, 2007

Fantasy versus reality?

I have a confession to make. I have this fantasy. No it’s not that kind.. get your mind outta the gutter. But it does have to do with relationships, specifically romantic ones between men and women. I have this fantasy that one day I meet a great guy who makes me laugh and feel secure. I fantasize about this amazing person who even despite my flaws loves me, “just the way I am”. We have a mutual respect for one another and even though make each other madder than hell sometimes would rather be making up with one another than loving anyone else. He tucks a sliver of errant hair behind my ear and makes me smile. He’s honest, true, and confident. By being together, we’re better for each other than we ever were apart. It’s the ultimate fantasy.

Reality has a way of truly fucking with this fantasy. My greatest fear that I won’t find a man who quite appreciates the me inside me. I’m afraid that people have stopped trusting others and always questioning each others motives. With so many people who have been hurt in their past, the more I meet people the more I realize that trust, genuine affection, and there’s always ALWAYS ‘the rest of the story’. I guess that’s why my fantasy of true love shall forever remain a fantasy.


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