Posted by: txaggiechick | December 21, 2007

The grinch that stole Christmas

Sometimes. Just sometimes a girl can’t be all composed. There are times when she has to be upset. She has to let the Irish out of her. This is one of those times. I give myself entirely to my company. Everyone who knows me pretty much hates that about me. Everyone has come to loathe the yellow submarine, my blackberry that does sonar pings when I get a new message. It doesn’t help that I am woefully addicted to thing but even there come at time when i simply MUST draw the line. That happened this week on just such an occasion. I’m on forced PTO. It’s a situation where I take PTO or I lose it. There is no get out of jail free card. This is reality people.

Even being on PTO, there are some jobs that simply just can’t remain unfinished partly from my sense of responsibility to the company but mostly due to the fact that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. BUT. I do draw the line at getting a phone call at 2am to ask me the most rudimentary question. Granted the south Africans were well within their working time to ask questions. However, they have 4 other people they can contact that are within 2 hours of their own time zone. They have 4 web sites indexed to answer questions. They have 8 gigs of data and power point slides and white papers and technical guides to help them out. Instead of taking the initiative to work through those other resources, they choose to call me… ME! and wake me up from a sound slumber to ask me a question. Come on guys. I know I’m good. I know I rock your socks. But Seriously? Why the hell don’t you use the big blob of mass between your ears to work through a question or send me an email. I am really good at checking at 5am when I get up and getting back to you. If you can’t wait, find it for yourself. Seriously. I’m all for helping people out. I know that this job is 24/7. I know that I am the “GO TO” person. But seriously, catch a whiff of what I’m blowing your direction and learn for yourself for a change. Okay now I feel better.



  1. Sorry to hear about the grinch! Sometimes, its just best to not pick up the phone 🙂 Hope the New year is treating you well! xo – Eric

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