Posted by: txaggiechick | January 10, 2008

The Bucket List

So I am reading a book that tells me that I need to put down 101 goals for my life. So here it is. Comment at will.

1. Write a best selling book where I can walk into B&N and find my book on the shelves.

2. Live a healthy, active lifestyle. This includes losing all of the excess weight on my current body and becoming physically fit.

3.Walk down the aisle with my Dad on my wedding day.

4. Marry a funny, hilarious, fun, smart man who is my best friend and lover.

5. Join the mile-high club.

6. Have healthy children that grow up to be themselves… loved and good people.
7. Climb a mountain.

8. Learn to play a musical instrument.

9. Be proficient/fluent in a second language.

10. become an EMT.

11. Be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

12. Become a good listener.

13. Practice Patience.

14. Go horseback riding into the sunset.

15. Go mountain biking

16. Take a cruise.

17. Volunteer in a 3rd world country.

18. Own my own home.

19.  Achieve my goals, activate my life, and live each day to its fullest.

20. Go to a professional sporting event for every sport (except golf and basketball. bleh).

21. Photo journal this extraordinary adventure.

22. Stop Procrastinating.

23. Have a new idea every day.

24. Build good, lifelong friendships with people of all types.

25. Apologize to those I have wronged.

26.  Find balance.

27. Find peace.

28. Realize that only I can make myself happy.

29. Meet Mark Cuban.

30. Meet Dat Ngygen.

31. Dance every day.

32. Learn to tell a great joke.

33. Learn to express my ideas well.

34. Get a puppy… a cute little lab… and have a yard.

35. Run 5 10 K’s.

36. Participate in an adventure race.

37. Help my cousins live healthy, active lives full of love.
38.  Forgive those who have wronged me. Free myself from my own hurts and regrets.

39. Love myself.

40. Travel to a new destination every year.

41.  Make enough money to take a year off and be home with my family.

42. Make enough money to pay someone to take care of my organizational expenses and finances.

43. Raise over $1million for charity.

44. Have a best friend.

45. Inspire my friends to be their true selves and hope that they are always just themselves around me.

46. Meet someone new every day.

47. Be confident.

48. Greet a stranger with a smile every day.

49. Be 100% honest w/ love.

50. Love and be loved.

51. Give more than I receive.

52. Get off caffeine for good.

53. Have a drink at the Hard Rock named after me.

54. Fall in love.

55. Learn to renovate houses and use power tools (scary Wee)

56. Take cooking classes.

57. Take a wine tasting course and travel the wine country with friends.

58. Dance and martial arts training.

59. Teach a yoga class.

60. Sing in public. Scary I know!

61. Do new years in NYC one year.

62. Have someone special to kiss on New years.

63.  Have a valentine on Valentines.

64. Teach my children to love themselves and be proud of who they are.

65. Be a great mom.

66. Be an awesome friend who is always there for you.

67. Be an awesome sister/daughter.

68. See Texas A&M football team win a national title!!! WHOOP!

69. See the Dallas Stars win the Stanley cup.

70. Go to a new concert every year.

71. Become a successful CTO of a company.

72. Sit on a board of directors of a successful fortune 1000 company.

73. SCUBA in Australia and South Africa.

74. Be a successful business chick.

75. Be a successful author.

76. Build a house for habitat for humanity. (assist anyway.. yes more obsession with power tools)

77. Be a guest on oprah.

78. 100% debt free.

79. Witness a miracle. (yes taken directly from A Walk to Remember)

80. Activate my life.

81. Be a technical innovator… an idea maker… a dreamer.

82. Live without fear, regrets, and worries.

83. Stop complaining. Never again.

84. Read a new book a week.

85. Have an evening sitting on the front porch watching the sunset holding hands with someone special.

86. To have someone in my life make me feel loved/special.

87. Make the day of a child special.

88. Make a difference to someone.

89. Master a new skill in my career each year.

90. Innovate/inspire/design.

91. Go hang gliding.

92. Take a romantic getaway to a B&B with someone special.

93. See the Aztec ruins in Mexico.

94. Go dancing with him.

95. Wake up each day with a smile.

96. Live a life fulfilling God’s purpose for me.

97. Play hooky and dance in the rain.

98. Have Kenny Chesney sing You Save Me to me.

99. Spend the night dancing under the stars with someone special.
100.  Get one of my very salacious/steamy romance novels published.

101. Live like there’s no tomorrow. Love like it’s never going to hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. Every Day.

To serenity, courage, and wisdom. This is my bucket list.  What’s yours?


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