Posted by: txaggiechick | January 15, 2008

Amazing Responses

My apologies for not posting more but I am totally amazed at some of the responses I have received from my bucket list. Already I’ve got a great support group of friends who are helping me make progress on my goals. Becky has given me invaluable advice about my health and fitness goals, the adventure racing, and mountain biking. Dalia’s going on vacation with me this year to either Mexico or Ireland where we’re going to have a very fun, active trip of hiking. I can’t wait! Some of the guys at work have given me great ideas to help me figure out what musical instrument to learn and foreign language ideas. One of the guys is learning his foreign language on his commute into the office every day which is an awesome idea of a way to make more productive time in the car. It’s really a great positive thing to have such amazing people who I never thought to ask for advice come out and provide such invaluable information and positive reinforcement for my goals. My personal trainer is helping me and loves the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader idea to keep me motivated. It’s just amazing and incredible how supportive people are. I hope that I too can return the favor.

I’ve even started asking people… what’s on your bucket list? It’s amazing the responses I get. So go after what you want and believe you deserve it and guess what… even if you don’t get it you learn a whole lot along the way!


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