Posted by: txaggiechick | February 12, 2008

Learning lessons the hardway…

As many of you know, I went skiing this weekend in Arosa, Switzerland. Yes yes… hold your horses. I’ll be posting pictures soon. Sheesh already. BUT a funny thing did happen to me… I walked into the pharmacy looking for sunscreen after my first day of skiing. Looking like a deformed racoon, the lady walks up to me and I just had to point at my face and she went ‘ OOHhhh’… sunshield? I said yes, Danke!!! And that was my first foray into speaking german. Aren’t I smart?

 In other news, Saturday night was a great blast. After getting off the slopes around 4, I took a shower and a nap. I was exhausted but exhilerated. Then I woke up not to the rumble of my stomach but to the thumping of a live band. When I headed downstairs, the casual lounge area had turned into a racous live music event. There are not words to explain 80’s hair band music in English to a German speaking crowd jumping up and down. It was nuts. So of course I just joined up and danced the night way. It was a blast. I think I need a vacation from my weekend but it was totally worth it.


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