Posted by: txaggiechick | April 14, 2008

Back to me.

I feel like I should be a Kenny Chesney song as I’m really starting to get back to me. I’m back in the groove of paying attention to what makes me tick and happy. What’s crazy is the amazing results in attitude that change when you just feel alive again. It’s like a light switching on when you’re following your heart, your passions, and exploring beyond your normal comfort zone.

This week I’m anti-planning. I’m just going with the flow. no plans. Just going wherever and whenever I feel. Yes. I still have that J-O-B thing and I’m doing that… but as for my evenings… they’re usurped by anti-planning, spur of the moment spontaneity. I did an hour of running tonight and am grilling some garlic, lemon trout with broccoli. Sounds tasty doesn’t it? (well okay for you junk food junkies out there… not so much… but work with me here… visualize the succulent lovely flakey trout melting into your mouth…) okay. Better.

Tonight. it’s a hockey night. And it’s officially been 9 days since I’ve had alcohol. (While not a conscientious thought, I realized it’s been forever since I had alcohol.) Yes. It’s really me, but it’s going to be the slimmer, more confident, amazingly alluring me that is active and healthy… and has a more money to spend! Wow. What a crazy world I live in. huh?


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