Posted by: txaggiechick | April 18, 2008


I am addicted to the food network. Point in fact, I am addicted to Ace of Cakes. The things they do with cake are incredible. I have no inclination to make and bake cakes but I am certainly impressed by their creativity and artistry. Crazy cake people and their flame throwing cakes. Damn you for being so addicting.

Have you ever noticed that people who describe themselves as smart rarely are?

I get excited when thunderstorm warnings come into effect on local television. I just live for Texas Thunderstorms.

This weekend is the wedding of some dear friends in Victoria. I would rather go camping and relax away from the hub-bub of the city and work life but alas I’m obligated to go to this wedding. Once I’m there I know I’ll have a good time drinking and hanging out with some of the best, most genuine alcoholics on the planet. I am kidding about the alcoholics portion but seriously every single one of us has had a stressful week with my brother and his wife getting robbed as someone broke into their house and stole their big screen tv, work this week has had its challenges for me, PittsburghSteelerChick wicked step-teachers are making her life miserable, and SouthernBelle’s job is seriously piling on the workload. So mom’s already lined up the margarita machine and there will be copious amounts of margaritas consumed around the kitchen table as we tell stories of our sordid lives 🙂 It should be fun, in a dress and heels.

In health related news, I really really enjoy running at Town Lake. It’s a gorgeous area that provides a beautiful path for me to run without distraction or pretension. It’s amazing how a simple pleasure like that changes my attitude every day. it’s wonderful! I feel like a whole different person.


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