Posted by: txaggiechick | May 4, 2008

Lizard brain?

Today I received a compliment. Well at least I think it is so I’m going to take it that way. The cool people that have introduced me and are patiently teaching me about mountain biking said I have a lizard brain, which apparently means that I am not letting my brain or fear get in the way of climbing or riding down a bunch of rocks. I just find my way around them. I am going to think that in mountain biking that’s probably a good thing. I’m learning to be more confident though which is helpful. All I want to do now is buy a bike, with Becky’s help, and work on my conditioning a lot more. Hopefully I can get in some more rides this week, even if they are street. So exciting!

oh is it bad that I’m soo excited that the karate kid is on tv? I literally let out a shriek as I saw Ralph Machio (sp?) squaring off against the evil cobra kai’s. This has made my day wonderful. Well that and I’m going to drink margaritas with some friends tomorrow night for Cinco De Mayo in Dallas! Woot woot!

Oh and in other news, Last night I went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall with a friend from work. He’s hilarious. But what was more startling was how WRONG that movie was… and yet it was soo right. There’s no less than 4 full frontal MALE nudity shots. And the one liners in there are classic. I won’t ruin the fun for you but wow the honeymooners really made me giggle. This movie is by far one of the most sexual innuendo laden movies I’ve ever seen. It was HILARIOUS. I am going to have to go back just to get some of the things I might have missed. If you are in the need of some stupid comedy, then you have got to go see this movie. Just be prepared to spend some time in confession the next day.


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