Posted by: txaggiechick | May 14, 2008

No Taxation without Representation

Now. It’s a well known fact that I have zero patience. This is not a virtue that I’ve ever claimed to possess. However it’s a virtue I try to achieve. Perhaps one day I’ll master being able to patiently sit aside and get routinely pummeled by stupidity. Unfortunately today is not one of those days where my futile attempts at both humor and patience fail me yet again.

Yesterday I checked my mail. Yes I know. I procrastinate on checking my mail. Typically because no good comes of it. This time I wasn’t disappointed as I received not one but two letters from the British government. The first letter was a demand for 100 pound payment for the late tax return I filed because Deloitte in their infinite wisdom can’t figure out how to email me. So I rolled my eyes and sent the bill directly to Deloitte. The other one however continues to rile me up. It was a letter stating that they would need me to continue to file tax returns and send them directly to this address. Now clarify this for me. I have to file a tax return in the UK even though I don’t live in the UK any more? Yes. That’s precisely what it means. It also means that this nightmare is never going to end. Then I go into the office today and get reminded just how expensive I am to the company for moving there and trying to expand our business (which we did so successfully I might add). Way Not To Go.

Maybe my rebellious nature is also inspiring patriotic tendencies but I’ll be damned if I’m going to file a tax return every year to satisfy the UK governments tyrannical rules. Maybe I should go throw some tea in Ladybird lake. Do you think they’d hear me then as I screamed, “No taxation without representation!”


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