Posted by: txaggiechick | July 13, 2008

That metalchick.. she’s sooo Austin!

This week I have started to really embrace my town. For the small interim that I actually live here, I have decided to get to know my city. One of my coworkers and I decided to take a walk around Town Lake on Tuesday evening. When I arrived, he suggested we take a look at the bats. We actually did a very Austin thing to watch the bats come out of the Congress street bridge. it was fascinating! I’ve never really done the watch the bats thing and it was actually cool to see such a massive number of bats pour forth and fill the nights sky with their black movement. It’s amazing.

i also had my own hypnotherapy session. I know that it sounds very Austin but wow. While the jury is still out on actually being hypnotized, it was exceptionally wonderful to spend an hour taking a break and relaxing listening to someone help me visualize certain things about myself. It was amazing. To dispel any myths, she didn’t hypnotize me with a stopwatch. She was awesome and sweet. It was like a severe meditation session. I even had this visualization where I was able to start letting go of all of the negative stuff. i was able to start letting go certain self images/perceptions that keep me from really putting myself out there and believing that I don’t deserve to lose weight/be happy/be sexy/be beautiful/etc. So it’s been worth it, just to have some time to stop. relax. it’s been worth it just to relax a bit and sleep.

in keeping with embracing the Austin moment, I also went to the Blanton Museum with some friends Friday evening. it was fascinating to see again. i hadn’t been there since high school. I love Roman history! Although of course there are a lot of exhibits that are replicas of the actual pieces I’ve seen personally at the Louvre. But it was awesome. I enjoyed getting out of my normal mold. I also just got back from 6th street. We had a great evening of drinking and partying. At least I’m starting to get out there again and not staying in a rut. Next thing you know I am gonna enjoy something new. I can’t wait. what else should i do? yoga! Oasis? I want to experience the life a little less ordinary!

Next thing you know I’m going to be wearing straw skirts, strappy t-shirts without a bra and harping on the benefits of green technology and the Democratic party… Well maybe not that FAR… scary



  1. Sounds like a fantastic time in Austin! Glad that you were able to have some downtime and enjoy where you “live!” Have fun! Denise

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