Posted by: txaggiechick | July 27, 2008

I see stars!

Utah was an excellent adventure. The commute there was less than noteworthy. The only comment I have is that while waiting on upgrades on the Vegas flight, I met a very interesting guy named HarleySalesGuy. He was on his way to Vegas for yes you guessed it, a trade show. HarleySalesGuy was older, funny, and one of those great airline passengers you don’t mind running into on an airplane. It’s the perfect relationship, for 2 hours you talk, laugh, giggle, and have a good conversation. At the end you go your separate ways still thinking highly of the other without bitterness and resentment. He was a lot of fun. I hope that he was able to sell a lot of his little harley replicas. Hopefully he took my advice and went to see O!

Once I got to Utah, several aspects of the trip resonated with me immediately. I loved the heat without humidity. It was as if the stone allowed my body to melt into it. I immediately felt at home in the arid environment. It was gorgeous! Lots of mountains everywhere and very very few people. It was glorious.

It also reminded me the kind of home I want to have. It has to have a hammock. I LOVED reading in the hammock during the afternoon. One night, I abandoned my lush king sized bed with its zillions of pillows for the hammock. The stars were out, the night was clear and it was a little warm. But as I swung there, looking up at the stars above, I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. It was gorgeous. I forgot what it was like to sleep under the stars. If I buy a house, I’m totally making good on my dream to embed LEDs in the ceiling and installing a hammock in the backyard. Can’t wait.

Sidebar Edit: It’s shark week on the Discovery channel. Could anyone ask for a better television week? I think not.



  1. […] out colors and am all ready to go. It should be fantastic. OH! and if you remember this post about stars, I’ve already started pricing LED lit ceiling panels. I’ve got a plan! Don’t […]

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