Posted by: txaggiechick | August 5, 2008

Spring is in the air!

Okay no I haven’t officially LOST it. However I do feel a little like it’s spring time. Yes we all know I’m the goddess of procrastination and when my spring cleaning occurs in late summer, I have to admit, I’m metalchick and I have a procrastination problem. But I do have a point with all of this. I have been enjoying being home a little bit in that I now have enough time to clean up the apartment here a little bit. Granted it’s not pristine. My mom wouldn’t step foot in here but at the very least everything is off the floor and the bathroom (surprisingly not the smallest room in the place) is CLEAN with a fresh new shower curtain and all. Genius isn’t it?

Aside from that I wanted to give you a list of the things I’m grateful for. Why metalchick do you ask? Well oftentimes, I get mired down in a lot of negativity and it’s always good idea to take a step back and itemize what I’m truly grateful for. So here goes.

Ace of Cakes: I am a closet (okay not so closet if I post this on my blog) Food Network junkie. A girl on the Atkins diet loves the food network… talk about inviting temptation. But seriously. Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes? WOW I love the creative genius of Duff and the decorators. It’s incredible and I love it. Anyone who takes cake and makes it have fire is a god in my book.

Thunderstorms: Who doesn’t love a great Texas Thunderstorm? I just love them. I live for the rumbling turmoil and that fresh – it’s gonna rain smell. When the wind starts picking up and blowing through my hair, adreline just storms through my body like a category 5 hurricane. Love it.

Books: I love reading. Reading is greatness in a glass. I had forgotten how much I love to read and write until my vacation where I was reminded about the serenity of reading in a hammock. I love spending an afternoon in the hammock reading where no one is needing you to do anything for them. I love being able to escape into a ficticious story about a strong, complex heroine while sipping on my margaritas. Is there anything better? I think not.

Puppies: I love puppies and dogs in general. They’re so amazing and loyal. I could learn a lot from a dog.

Friends: I need to do a whole post on my amazing friends. I am truly blessed. Seriously people. I have some crazy great friends. I have friends that make me laugh, laugh at me when I cry, and slap me upside the head when I’m being a royal pain in the ass (not that I would EVER do that).

Family: Love my fam. I pick on them. I needle them. But today is my dad’s birthday and it just reminds me how very far we’ve all come and we’ve done it together. It’s great.

Music: While okay so one of my nicknames is metalchick so yes I love metal and hard rock type music. It’s my productive way to release stress and anxiety, stuff I internalize like nobody’s business. But I love music. All types. well except some crazy beebop jazz stuff. I’m not into that. But there’s always a mood to match the music in my ipod. Dancing to music is probably my bestest and favoritest thing ever. And yes for the grammar Nazis this is my blog and if I wanna use favoritest, it’s for comedic relief not grammatically correct. I specifically love that moment in the car where you’re radio surfing and you hit upon the perfect song. This song is totally random and you haven’t hit on it in a long time. yesterday while driving home, I accidentally turned it onto Wild Thing by Tru Loc. It took me back! Hilarious.

Sleep: I love sleep which is where I’m going now. Exit light. Enter night… take my hand off to never never land. Sweet dreams!


Magic Eraser: OH! I forgot about my new favoritest thing. The Magic eraser. BoyScout’s mom gave me one when we went to visit them about a month ago and I used it this weekend to erase these scuff marks on my white apartment walls. And guess what… it WORKED without damaging the cheap white paint that the apartment complex uses. it’s my new favorite thing!



  1. another really nice article….. i guess i am soon gonna be a regular 2 the txaggiechick blog 😉

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