Posted by: txaggiechick | August 11, 2008

let the bodies hit the floor….

Hiya! I know it’s been forever since I blogged. Too busy having a life and all ya know. So anyway. I had a great weekend with some friends in Dallas. We went to Ozzfest. Let me tell you what… the devil didn’t just come down to Georgia… he took over Dallas, TX and stole just a few more souls than normal. It was INSANE.

The day started out awesome by going to 5 Guys burgers and getting a big juicy hamburger with french fries. BoyScout is certainly good at doing his homework for locating the best eateries anywhere. I expect to see a blog post about it soon. I digress. Anyway we arrived a little later than we had wanted but thank goodness for my txtag. It saved us a good 40 minutes in a toll line. I zoomed right past all the out of town suckers!

Once there we got in a couple of good songs and headed over to the second and third stages to see a rioting act by Drowning Pool. It rocked my world. We stayed out on the perimeter and started counting the number of bodies hitting the floor literally due to dehydration and exhaustion. Added to our counting list was the number of mohawks… why? Because they’re back in style and the number of men wearing kilts… why? because metalchick likes! a lot! I miss kilts… Add that to my list of things I miss from Europe. Manly men wear kilts.

While Metallica was the highlight of the evening, as everything is, I really enjoyed HellYeah! They rocked it. There were some massive pits that developped and they really riled up the group. This was immediately followed up with the tribute to Dimebag which I thought was pretty cool. I enjoyed Wish You Were Here the most. (video posted below). I didn’t know that Lars had done the drumming just due to my angle from the stage. Regardless it rocked my socks… Course I wasn’t wearing socks at the time. But you get the point.

My most noteable memories from this weekend:

Fireworks!!!! – Ozzy ended his montage with a barrage of massive fireworks. I was soo close you could feel the heat and smell the sulfur. Did I mention I’m a sucker for fireworks? S-U-C-K-E-R… Love me some explosive balls of fire.

BoyScout looking like a kid in a candy store – So BoyScout won the famous Meet N Greet opportunity which he then got fully upgraded to the VIP access. He came back from the show looking like a kid in a willy wonka store. Literally. Grinning ear to ear. Glad he had such a good time.

Father Son Time – Met a kid and his dad from california. It was his first metallica concert. He wanted to see One. He got his wish and fell asleep in the chair after the first encore. It was a late night for the bugger.

Metallica Played Mercyful Fate with King Diamond… and I got to hear the new Cyanide off the new record. It’s awesome! That’s about it for now. It was fun times. Had by All.


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