Posted by: txaggiechick | September 1, 2008


If anyone has ever had their nails done, they will most likely come into contact with OPI, a nail lacquer brand that comes up with the most funny names for their nail polish. Currently I’m a big fan of Dating a Royal and Tijana Dance. My toes are adorned with Yogalatte right now, which made me think of this post. I love this glittery navy color. It’s greatness in a glass.

In keeping with the yoga theme, a friend informed me that the free day of Yoga was today and inspired me to take part. I’m glad that I did. It was a great day of relaxing, taking two yoga classes (for free I might add), and getting some stuff done at home. It’s been a great day. For those of you who know me well enough to recall my last foray into Bikram Yoga, you’ll question my sanity for trying it again. Well sufficed it to say, this time I did not pass out. I was a little bit more prepared with mega bottles of water, towel, and ready to sweat my tushy off. I still wasn’t able to do the entire 90 minute session the whole way through but I didn’t pass out nor leave the room. After a morning hatha yoga session and the Bikram yoga session, I certainly fulfilled my requirement to do 2 yoga sessions on my day off and am all the better for it. I’m going to be ready for bed here shortly and get a very deep night’s sleep.

Here’s my list of things I’m grateful for today:

– OPI Nail Polish in fun shades like Yogalatte

– Bolner’s Fiesta Seasonings, they spice up any seemingly normal dish.

– Reading new blogs like

– Thinking about my next chapter… starting a business volunteerism and travel, travelling the world, quitting my job and letting my creativity roam.

– Finishing up old projects. My wall collage is done. Uploading ALL of my pictures to picasa.

– Writing


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