Posted by: txaggiechick | September 8, 2008

What does it mean to be successful? Happy? Fulfilled?

So granted. Today hasn’t been the best. I am snappy. I don’t like being snappy. It doesn’t make me feel good. It doesn’t make anyone else feel good. But sometimes it just has to be so deal with it. I’m frustrated. I realize this. I just need some new tools to help me deal with the cards I’m dealt instead of constantly trying to change the cards. Willing myself to change into a royal flush just doesn’t seem to work. Ironically enough.

I’m realizing more and more people are taking complete advantage of my generous nature. So I’m pushing back. I just need to find a way to do this without totally being un-myself. At least I’m changing something instead of trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. It’s gonna be an interesting experiment. I anticipate more falling down than successes for quite some time. But I’ll find the right combination. It’s the engineer in me.

By the way, I was looking at a website that really summarized one of my current struggles with the work-aspect.

It’s interesting as it summarizes a lot of my issues with the current management infrastructure at work. I’m hard to put into a box and make happy because I would appreciate sincere appreciation and recognition for achievements over money or other compensation that my male counterparts require.

I was also reading on today some good advice. To seek bringing joy into other’s lives tends to make people happy. It makes sense. I should think more on that.


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