Posted by: txaggiechick | October 3, 2008

Change happens when you let go…

So today during yoga, the instructor stated, “Change happens when you let go.” I found that very profound and ironic. It was timed perfectly as it inspired me to let go and stretch deeper into the posture. But what was really awesome about it was what that statement did for me outside of the class. Yes. Believe it or not, yoga helps me have a better attitude about a lot of things, love, life, work, etc. So I decided to take its own advice and just let go. (If you’ve been paying attention to some of my recent posts, this appears to be a recurring theme.)

It’s funny. I’m now letting go. I’ve let go of friendships that drain me… only to meet and rekindle friendships that are healthy and positive. I’ve let go of problems at work that are either not my problem or not a problem I can fix only to find that now I get sleep, am more productive at work, and have a better time leaving the office at a decent hour. I’ve let go of my own crazy perfection expectations of my life and body… okay that’s reaching it a bit but I am certainly working on that one. I am getting better at it though! which is awesome. I now realize when I beat myself up over little things and just breathe and let it go… Amazing what can happen when you just let go. While I’m very sad that I didn’t get to go to CO this week, I have had an awesome week. I’ve been blessed. It’s amazing what happens when you just let go and open your mind to new possibilities.

Last night I went to Romeo’s on Barton Springs and Lamar. It was fabulous. It’s great to take a break from friends for a while. I guess what they say about absence is true. It has made it way more fun to hang out with them and catch up. Plus I’m not nearly as tempted to be naughty on the diet when I don’t see them every other night or what not. It was great to see them and we had a great debate about politics and solved the world’s problems… by the way, the answer is always… it depends and the world would be a much happier place with good red wine, italian food, and Germany engineering. At least better than a world with bad red wine, German food, and Italian engineering. Alas I digress again. I conclude this post with a few updates. Tomorrow I’m attending yet another baby shower for a girl friend I haven’t seen in a while. It’s in Houston so I’ve packed some great road tripping music. (is it bad to listen to Metallica and Rage Against the Machine on the way to a baby shower?!? HMM must think about that more… it’s hardly Disney classics). Then Sunday I get to babysit for a great set of friends as they go kick some ass in The Great Urban Race. The kiddo and I are gonna have a great time reading, playing, eating, and napping. It’s gonna be a blast! Can’t wait! See ya next week! y’all have a super fun weekend.

PS for those of you who can hardly wait to find out what I decided to be for Halloween, you’ve got 30 days to wait. So hold your horses. And I want to be Lara Croft in real life, so I’m going to go more creative for Halloween and learn Spanish in real life to realize my dream of being a sarcastic, witty, intelligent, highly educated heroine who travels the world and rids it of evil.


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