Posted by: txaggiechick | October 5, 2008

The journey isn’t always smooth… but it’s still a learning experience.

Hiya! I know. I know. You’ve missed me right? It’s cool. I understand. Sorry for waiting all weekend long to post. But fear not. I’m back with a vengeance.. Or should I say back in black? hmm. \m/ So I’m taking a new journey to discover myself, resurrect shreds of my self esteem, and party like a network rockstar. Yes I’m cheesy get over it already. Regardless. This weekend was awesome.

I felt like a cultural anthropologist while attending the baby shower. Capturing current day women in their natural habitats was fascinating. I’m reaching my saturation level from immersion in baby showers but I feel like I’m learning a lot about the species. Did you know there are ways to make ice cubes with little baby toys in them and turn it into a baby shower game to see who can melt the ice faster and get a prize? Seriously. To see the lionesses competitive spirit rise with a ferocity only witnessed in the wild is insane. I got a personal close up look at the cultural significance of older women in the tribe when I met a friend of the mother-to-be’s mom from Bible study.  She’s a feisty, healthy 90 year old woman who has literally done and seen it all. She was an incredible inspiration and I loved talking to her. We all agreed that when we’re that age, we want to be like her. She was funny, smart, and very worldly. We had a fascinating conversation about Veteran’s Day. I really liked her a lot. Note: It’s not proper etiquette  to wear jeans and a nice top to baby showers. You’re supposed to wear a dress, makeup, and this stuff they call jewelery. I’ll be sure to dress appropriately next time. Live and learn.

I’ve also learned a significant amount about what attracts mosquitoes. Thursday night the mosquitoes danced a tune on the middle of my lower back resembling Morse code, rat-tat-tat (tat-it-tat-tat-tat) . By Saturday it was so inflamed and swollen that I could hardly sit down without the fire scorching through my back. Apparently alcohol and sweat (as before mentioned it was over 90 degrees outside thursday afternoon) attract mosquitoes. At Romeo’s I had both in mass quantities. So note to self either stay indoors or… gasp… don’t drink while outside.

Today I got the opportunity to be a train conductor. I spent the morning hanging out with a boy I’m babysitting. We had a lot of fun playing with trains. Literally. The whole day. Amazing what a few batteries and locomotive engines will to with the attention span of a 2 year old. He was a blast. He’s so articulate. We did have a minor food fight but once I understood that I needed to tear his PB&J into smaller portions, it was all cool. He is an awesome little buddy. One day I might actually want one… but fear not I need to evolve a lot more before I’m ready for something like that. Hope your weekend was just as rockin! I’m looking forward to this week. I’m getting hyper active by continuing the Bikram in the morning and following that up with some afternoon running in preparation for the 25K that I’m training for in January. I figure it’s going to take me nearly that long to get in the shape (no round is not a shape) that I want to be in. I’m actually getting there. Water is my friend. OH! And I’m in love the with the tv show, Amazing Race. With all of my travel misadventures, I’m positive I could do that race and ace it… anyone want to do it with me?


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