Posted by: txaggiechick | October 6, 2008

Media Media… go away… Come again another day.

I promise this post isn’t yet another post about the 2008 US elections. Really. Cross my heart. Hope to die. BUT this is my blog and I’m annoyed as all get out. And so I can use it to go off however I like. I’m pissed (and no not in the good way). I’m annoyed with the media. I’m annoyed with the ways and methods of finding out the ‘truth’ about the candidates. Seriously. This post is really about the media. I can’t stand you journalism people right now for not telling me what I want to know and making me WORK hard for it.

Have you even tried to do your due diligence in understanding the historical voting records of the candidates or even find out definitely where they stand on issues like the economy, immigration, and international relations? I can find opinion aplenty. Copious amounts of links exist for Tina Fay’s SNL skit that, while funny, doesn’t help me decide who to really vote for and why. Where’s the beef? Where’s the real meat in the issues? Yes I’m sure Barak said bad things about McCain. And I’m sure the mud is flying in both directions. But really people. This is not kindergarten. He said she said is not going to help me identify what I really want. Give me a candidate who rises above the criticism and the sound bytes. Give me a candiate who can articulate clearly the issues that the US government faces and how he/she is going to rectify them. Please media stop giving me your opinions. Please entertainment community, stop using your celebrity to influence the American public. Give me a candidate who understands that they are the face of leadership in our country and rises above the petty bickering to actually provide the US of A with a  renewed sense of pride, leadership, and forward progress. I blame the media for this election. I blame them for sensationalizing the miscues and the faux pas. I blame the media for interjecting their own sense of drama and sensationalization. lipstick on a pig? Really? REALLY? Is that so news worthy? I blame the media for forcing the candidates to summarize their speeches into sound bytes in hopes to getting featured on World News tonight. Okay I feel better now.

Today’s the last day to register to vote. I don’t really care what side you’re on. (okay yes i do but I’m not gonna judge too harshly since the media impedes common sense and reason). Please go register to vote. Please make sure you are registered to vote and VOTE. It’s your voice. Do not be silenced and let others make judgements for you. But please also make an informed decision. Please. It’s the least you can do.

Since most of my friends are here in texas, here’s the link to find out if you’re registered to vote.


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