Posted by: txaggiechick | October 15, 2008


I’m sorry I haven’t felt very bloggy lately. Of course I’ll admit to living vicariously through the other blogs that I frequent. It’s very voyeuristic at times. But alas, I do not really have an excuse. I have been journaling and have quite literally had a revelation. Unfortunately there are some secrets even I must keep. It’s been a great week of self exploration thus far. I’ve tested my boundaries and my new confidence to the utmost limits. And I came away from those small tests a stronger, more resolved woman. I have a long way to go before I sleep but I’m really starting to explore the ME inside and resisting everyone else’s interpretation of who I should be.

Now onto something a little more fun. Spent last night hanging out with some friends. The GUY told a funny story where one of his coworkers asked if a Long Island Iced Tea was sweet or unsweet. hehehehehehe. Too funny. The GUY always has a way of cracking me up. I’m going to miss him. A LOT. But I think it’s a good thing to allow my heart to finally heal.

Oh and I could wax poetically about the fact that I am having a difficult sports year. Texas A&M is now classified as having the worst rebuilding year in centuries. I don’t even want to go to College Station for my birthday. Really. But everyone will be there. So alas. Off to CS I must go. The Dallas stars dropped their first two games this season and I’m watching their 3rd right now. They just SCORED!!! Wahoo! Go Stars! 3-4. Please pull it out. Dallas Cowboys aren’t fairing well either, especially now that Romo is out with a pinkie injury. It’s going to be a challenging year for sure. But I wonder… do you really learn as much from losing as you do from annihilating your opponent? Sometimes, I think not.


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