Posted by: txaggiechick | October 17, 2008

Today is gonna be a great day.

Today at yoga, one of the girls approached me after class and said, “I am soo impressed by you. You are so very flexible! How long have you been practicing?” I turned around and looked around… whata what? me? Wow. That’s really cool! thanks! I told her she was doing an awesome job for only having been to 6 classes. She seems really nice. New friends are great.

Then I got to my office and the inside sales team and several other people have fully decorated my office, head to toe for my birthday. There’s even a blow up Cake?!? I wish i had a camera!



  1. And you wonder why I never tell anyone when my birthday is. They all know that if I ever come in to a sight like that I’m immediately turning around and leaving and not coming back to the office again till it’s all gone.

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