Posted by: txaggiechick | October 21, 2008

Let it go.

I honestly don’t have too much to say today. I’m packing for yet another road trip to big D. I’ve got it all planned out, now that (thanks mom and dad) I have the ability to plug my ipod into my car… Yes. You heard it here first folks… I now have over 80,000 songs and 200 playlists to choose from. There isn’t a single mood I haven’t accounted for. Seriously… and I’ve got some major music moods. That got me thinking about a post. You see I’m a huge music person. I love music. And most importantly, as most of you well know, I love to dance. So I thought I’d write tonight about a few of my favorite tunes.

Tonight as I was packing, cleaning, getting prepared for tomorrow, I did something completely unheard of. I put my IPOD on shuffle all songs. Talk about a wacked out acid trip.  All of a sudden I have some Opeth pounding a sick cadence from my headphones to be followed up by the soundtrack to Chicago – All that Jazz. The schizophrenia continued for a few hours but I finally settled on a few of my favorites. You see my moods and attitude are often like a pendulum swinging in the balance. Back… forth… back… forth… Sometimes it oscillates slowly, swaying in the balance. Other times it’s swinging faster and faster until you think it’s going to flip over. Remember those days when we were kids on the swings and would flip the swing set… yeah. Sometimes I have one of those days. And the music calms my soul, quiets the voices in my head, and allows me an opportunity to just be me. Basically the music helps me find that perfect balance… who says I’m not a good Libra? So here goes. A few of my favorite songs. What are yours? Anything I need to hear? Experience?

Tim McGraw – Let it Go (i’ve talked enough about this one already.. ad nasuem )

Today I’m gonna keep on walking
I’m gonna hold my head up high
I’m gonna leave it all behind
Today I’m gonna stand out in the rain
Let it wash it all away Yeah wash it all away
I’m gonna let it go Oh yeah
I’m gonna let it go Oh yeah

Reckless Kelly  – 7 Nights in Eire (for when I get in my travelling moods.. This song is SOOO much fun to dance to)

We’re back out on the cobblestones
Whiskey drunk and high again
Liquored up and gearing up for seven nights in Ireland

Three Doors Down – Let Me Be Myself (for when I am needing inspiration to just be me and confident in the me that I am)

I’ll never find my heart
Behind someone else
I’ll never see the light of day
Living in this cell
It’s time to make my way
Into the world i knew
Take back all of these times
That i gave in to you

Three Doors Down – She Don’t Want the World (reminding me to find my voice and ask for what I really want before it’s too late.)

Those words he never spoke
Haunt her life, the memories
Of all the times before
She tried to show him love
While he would only ask for more
But it’s ok, she don’t want the world

Randy Rodgers Band – Kiss me in the Dark (For inspiration about what I want!)

Kiss me in the Dark, roll me through the night
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
Hit me with your heart, till the morning light
Let your skin talk to my soul
Kiss me in the dark

Pat Green – Let Me (it’s all about the love… )

Let me be the one who sets your feet up on a road where you’ve never been,
oh and baby then,
you can let me take these arms and wrap you up inside a night that will never end.
I’d like to be that man, if you’d let me.

And for those of you not lyrically minded, some great dancing songs:

A Perfect Circle – Pet

Puscifer – Rev 22:22

Joi – Lick

Dierks Bentley – What Was I thinkin? :)~ Who hasn’t been there before huh?

And of course I would be remiss to mention the songs that never fail to make me smile:

jerrry lee Lewis – Great Balls of Fire (you shake my nerves and you rattle my brain!!! ahh the nostalgia)

CCR – Joy to the World (Jeremiah was a bullfrog)

Skynard – Freebird

Talk about eclectic… And I know.. Did you notice? Not a single Metallica Song listed. Fear not. I have a whole follow-up post about the joy and greatness that is Metallica.



    The song “Done” has been getting some play on Sirius lately.

  2. THANKS!!! Love it

  3. Here’s another for ya:
    “Sad Mans Tongue” has been gaining in popularity recently, and you might actually even like the country intro.

  4. Oh thanks! I love it. AWESOME! Keep em coming.

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