Posted by: txaggiechick | November 3, 2008


I know you’re anxiously awaiting the retelling of the most intimate of secrets from this weekend’s bachelorette party adventure. Come on. You know you wanna know just what happens with this female ritual. But alas, even metalchick has to keep a few secrets. Just to keep it interesting, ya know.

But I will say this. Tomorrow the United States of America chooses a new president. It’s probably the most anticipated election in modern day history. Regardless of your political leanings, just go and vote. Have a voice and speak up for that voice. Make a choice. You’ll be glad to you did. I’ve never been happier than after this weekend to realize that I’ve made the best choices for myself in this life.

Choice is a powerful tool to help determine who you are and where you’re going. Realizing that you’re making a choice is by far one of the best gifts you can get. In other cultures around the world, you don’t get a choice. You’re given an occupation. You’re not given an opportunity to grow into the person you want to be. What a wonderful world in which I live to be free. It’s greatness in a glass with a shot of tequila and lime. Freedom to choose is full of power but also comes great responsibility.

I bet you’re wondering just how she’s going to tie freedom and choice back to a bachelorette party weekend. Aren’t ya? Heh. Be patient. I do have a point. Really. So just read along and humor me for a bit. So go vote and choose the new leader of the USA. But do so wisely.

Now back to the debauchery… cause you know I’m all about indulgence. This weekend I had the opportunity to meet up with some girls I went to high school with. Along with a dozen or so other girls, I was afforded an opportunity to have a mini-high school reunion. And I have never been happier than this weekend to realize that I’ve made the best choices for me. Yes. I’ve made mistakes. Yes. I’ve fallen (and gotten back up again… there’s a song in there somewhere). But you know what. Those choices, mistakes, and experiences have helped shape me into the person that I am today. Now I’m nowhere near done yet… oh baby you just ain’t seen nothing yet. But I look around and see women given a lot of the same opportunities, education, and choices that I have been given. And they choose differently. We have taken divergent paths with varying results. But I’m so glad that I can honestly say I don’t live my life with any regrets. It’s a very rewarding feeling to realize that I’m just being me and I’m happy with that girl. I don’t need to be perfect any more but I do certainly need to be free. Free to choose. One day I might choose to Turn the Page (Shameless Metallica reference). And most certainly I’ll Fade To Black (Metallica #2) . But for right now, I’m sincerely happy with the choices I’ve made.

One day, I would love to get into a serious relationship, get married, and share my life with someone. Oh boy what adventures we would have! It certainly wouldn’t be boring. One day. Not today. Maybe not tomorrow. However, I can honestly say that I would do so with zero regrets. I wouldn’t need a bachelorette party as I’m living my life the way I want each day. (that and I would avoid all of the crazy girl drama that tends to get associated with getting a dozen or more women together with alcohol… the claws come out!)  And even if I never meet that man that loves me back… just as I am … freckles and all… I’m happily living a life that is rewarding, fun-filled,  and action-packed. Look out Lara Croft… I’m taking over!



  1. Sounds like you need to come partying and hunting with me and my hunting friends and whack a pig or two and get drunk, buils a big fire, and party all day!! Keep dreaming girl. You know all about my expert advice!! I hope I did this right I ama virgin blogger. Take care little one.

    Mr. Cook(AKA used to be Jim)

  2. Guess my spelling above could of used some spell checking!!

    Mr. Cook

  3. What’s this, you even acknowledge the opportunity for a song reference and use two Metallica ones shortly thereafter yet don’t go with Broken, Beat & Scarred???

  4. So sorry but I was going for something a little more upbeat. However fear not, Broken, Beat, & Scarred is part of my upcoming Ode To Metallica post. I promise! You won’t be disappointed.

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