Posted by: txaggiechick | November 6, 2008

Special Appreciation Day!

Well today I’m afraid I’m a little down in the dumps. So instead of wallowing in self pity about the fact that my body hurts, my throat is killing me, and fever is ravaging my body, I decided to take a moment to appreciate the goodness of others. You see. There are a lot of people doing a lot of great things. And they deserve to be highlighted. This weekend is Jake’s 2nd Annual Softball Tournament. You can get all of the details on his blog (yep… the one to the right of your screen… right there… little lower… now up a bit… THERE). Or you can just click here.

So this weekend in the metroplex, you’ve got several options. You can go to Jake’s softball tournament or you can check out the 3 Day Breast Cancer Experience given by the Susan B Komen foundation. I have some friends who are walking in it.

Or if you’re in Austin (fear not the S.W.A.T. thing should be over by then), there’s the MS Walk next Sunday. I will be doing my best to be there after a wedding in Corpus on Saturday. Regardless I have a shirt!!!! I am excited about this event for such a good cause.

I have several friends who are doing things for the American Heart Association, Susan B Komen Breast Cancer walk, and MS Walk. I haven’t said their names outloud because I didn’t know if they wanted me to highlight their amazing dedication and efforts on the Internet. But please keep me posted! There’s a lot of great events going on for some really good causes.

If I can get a blog comment from a redneck, beer-drinking hunter and my father can learn to email, you never know what the world might come to! Anything is possible! So go zippity do dah and have a great day!



  1. Was I the redneck, beer drinking hunter?

  2. Hehehe No. But you’re just as inspirational.

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