Posted by: txaggiechick | November 16, 2008

Dance Dance Revolution!

I just thought I might illustrate through post exactly how drastically music and dancing can positively affect my  mood and personality. If you didn’t notice, I was a little miffed at myself and at the events of today in my previous post. We now return to our previously scheduled revelry and debauchery. Since I realized I was still holding onto some negative energy from the Tweedledimwits, I threw on some sweats and turned on the IPOD. Suddenly I’m transported into an entirely different plane of existence. Well not really. Wouldn’t that have been cool?!? But still. It’s close enough. All of a sudden the thrumming of drums and pounding of the bass is filling my ears causing my body to move. Just move. Dancing around my apartment to my feel good music does wonders for my soul. you wanna know what I was listening to don’t you? Uh huh? I knew it. I’ll tell you later.

All of a sudden I realize that I hadn’t worked out all day but my heart is pounding and the energy is thrumming through me. I love this feeling. It clears out all of those cobwebs out of my brain and lets me remember to just breathe. It’s next to near impossible to be upset when some great music is rhythmically coursing through my body. Talk about feeling alive! Makes me feel like just anything is possible. Anything. Keep waiting for it…

And just to prove a point about my mood.. I can finally make fun of the abysmal sports year I’m having. Seriously. People. Even in a dress (With a bow!) I think I probably could have suited up in Waco this weekend and done a better job at tackling Baylor. Texas A&M lost to Baylor! And I’m not talking a little loss. No. Not a close one at all. A single-handed blow out. Unfortunately I was at a wedding so I don’t know how well or not well we played but I’m sure they did their best. uhm. yes. And I’m sure they’ll learn a lot more from this loss than they would have if they won. See. I should have been in politics with that amount of spin. Ironically enough though the Stars did finally stop their 3-loss losing streak with a win on Saturday. Yippee. There’s lots of moving and shaking going on in hockeyland.

Now onto the planning for this week. I’m finally home for a week but I’m itching to go back to Dallas and see the Stars play on Thursday.  Who knows, maybe I’ll dazzle them with my smile, bring them good luck, and Brad Richards will look up at me and ask me to be his soul and heart’s inspiration! (see i have changed… I’m over the bad boys… aka Sean Avery yum). I have a friend who has an extra ticket and might just take some time off and go for it. OR go the Metallica concert this week in Houston. Yes. You heard it here first. Metallica is back in Texas. Anyone wanna go? Just let me know! (see I even rhyme I’m so giddy). Or I may just stay put, focus on the Round is Not a Shape Program and enjoy being home. Either way I’m outta the office for a few days bitches!

Oh and I just read this quote. I’m closing with it because it might mean something to you too. “We accept the love we think we deserve”. It’s from post secret.

Playlist: (since metallica IS coming to Texas… Ode de Metallica )

Master of Puppets


Turn the Page


Welcome Home

Broken, Beat, and Scarred

Creeping Death

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Then I went into a little more fun tunes:
Three Doors Down latest CD – Three Doors Down (By far one of my favorite complete cd’s)

Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody (Working on my arabesque through the intro. It’s getting good!) And everyone does want to feel like someone cares. Lyrically a good one! Shush Boyscout. There does have to be somebody out there in the world that gets me. Truly gets ME.

Endng up with really fun feel good:

Top Gun Soundtrack

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

Salt-N-Pepa – push it


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