Posted by: txaggiechick | November 23, 2008

Weirdness in a glass…

Okay this is a short one. I promise. Have you ever thought, “i’m so never going to end up like my parents?” Well I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve thought that. Today while I’m dancing around the apartment listening to my ipod, I realized that I am the perfect amalgamation of my parents. All of my shoes have somehow magically just wondered around my apartment. You see my mom has this habit of just discarding shoes wherever she takes them off. So the house is always littered with haphazardously discarded shoes. As I’m cleaning up, I look around to survey the apartment and realize… I’m so my mother’s daughter. There are shoes, flip flops, tennis shoes all over the place. How the hell did I get so many shoes?!? Unfortunately I didn’t inherit her green thumb. All of my plants are now dead. Oopsie.

Then to top it off, I realize I’m my father’s daughter. You see. I have this problem. I LOVE love love LOVE cheesy action and drama movies. No matter how many times I’ve seen them, I can not pass up yet another opportunity to watch cheesy action movies like Fast and the Furious or The Replacements on TNT. I’ve acquired this nice little vice from my father. I wonder, do they have rehab for senseless tv watching?



  1. Umm… I’m watching an Australian soap opera called the McLeod’s daughters. How senseless is that?

  2. I have to laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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