Posted by: txaggiechick | November 30, 2008

The journey continues…

As I lay there this morning with a pillow over my head, I couldn’t help but giggle. Boy what a way to wake up in the morning. My family/friends were attempting to stealthy make coffee in the kitchen while the headboard of the bed in the apt next door was knocking against my wall with a din that would have woken the dead. Let’s just say that my parents would not be special forces material either since I have never heard such a ruckus attempting to surreptitiously make coffee. if anything could be dropped, it was dropped. I don’t think they left a single cupboard un-opened. And all I could think was… wow. this is my life. Good morning world. Let’s go have some fun… okay. so I did stay in bed a little while longer… Did i mention this all went down around 6am on a SUNDAY.

Before I would have been annoyed. But I think I was way too preoccupied hoping that the moans and screams wouldn’t infiltrate my living room, alerting my parents to the activities of my neighbors. I would have even been more annoyed today as my mother announced she was going to spend the day cleaning my apartment. Truth be told there were a few eye rolling events throughout the day but it’s really kind of nice to have friends and family who care and want to do nice things for you. So I smiled, embraced the change in routine and had some fun with it. And you know what, it’s really really nice to have a spotless apartment. I think this is why holidays were invented… whether you like it or not, your home needs to be cleaned top to bottom at least once a year! I even got rid of lots of clothes and stuff that I don’t need. Goodwill has never had it so good! Well truth be told, I’ve never had it so good. I’ve got my health, my friends and family are doing really well, and I’m having fun. Happy Thanksgiving.

You see. It could always be worse. After a long, arduous battle with cancer, Jake went home to Jesus today. He got the opportunity to spend one last Thanksgiving with his family. And now he’s out of harm’s way and pain. My thoughts and prayers are with his family this week. That’s all I have to say about that. It’s so easy to see the annoying, bad, negative, (did i mention annoying) ‘features’ of others… but sometimes, it’s better to sigh, breathe, and see the silver lining. It’s not easy. But the journey continues and the party never ends.



  1. So sorry to hear about Jake. But he is in a better place now. Sending positive thoughts his family’s way.

    And you are right. Life is not easy. But the journey continues and the party never ends. Very well said.

    Too funny about the neighbors and your parents making coffee. It made me giggle.

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