Posted by: txaggiechick | January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I know. I know. You probably consider them trite. I don’t care. I love the New Year. I love the feeling like there’s a day simply to exist and live. I love the idea that I can embrace renewal and positive, healthy changes that I can maintain for a year by taking it day by day. So shush. I can be a typical girl if I want to be.
Today is the new year. It’s filled with hope and promise for new beginnings and understanding that transcends yesterday. And I love the concept.
So here’s my resolutions to you. I’m going to treasure each day as if it’s the only day I have. I’m going to treasure each moment as if it’s the last breath I take. I’m going to truly have fun and live a life that I can be proud of. And I’m going to love my friends and family. I’m going to focus on the present and the journey. Afterall it’s the goodness that we’ve got. Of course I have goals for the future. I have dreams and lots of them. But what I’m learning is that each step toward those dreams is shaping me into one rockin chick (to quote a good friend of mine). I can’t change the past. But I can certainly embrace the present. It’s fun times. And if anyone wants to embrace the spontaneous with me and travel around the world, just let me know!

By the way, if I am cranky for the next couple of weeks, I’m getting over my caffeine addiction by going cold turkey. So I’m going to be a hermit for a few weeks to help the transition. Believe me, you will be better served by not incurring my wrath when I am caffeine deprived. I am saving you from the demon monsters as I expel them from my soul. Should be a torturous couple of weeks but I’m going to reward my body with goodness of water and juices instead of caffeine and calcium leeching artificial flavors. You have been warned. Don’t fear the caffeine!

Did anyone else make resolutions? It’s a beautiful evening and I’m going to enjoy it by reading and writhing in caffeine withdrawl misery. Fun times. Had by all.



  1. I still haven’t been able to kick caffeine, but am looking to

  2. I’m walking 8 – 10 miles a day and riding my bike for 20 miles. i was training to go cougar hunting but the guide screwed me again. But I am now going to use the time to go hunt black Buck in south west Texas. It will look great in the house after I get the roof lifted and the walls pushed out 8 feet. wait until you see the new fire place!!! It’s going to take about 2 – 3 months.

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