Posted by: txaggiechick | January 23, 2009

Dancing to the beat of the war drum

So I’m sitting here during meetings for work and I had a thought. Yes. I know. Scary proposition isn’t it? But fear not! It’s a thought about me and mayhap doesn’t pertain to you. (like how I threw in mayhap don’t ya). Anyway, as I’m sitting here surfing the web to find great travel destinations and voluntourism opportunities, I’m struck by the idea that maybe… just maybe… do we ever leave high school? I was sitting there looking around just started to see the high school mentality is still pervasive in today’s business world. There’s the jocks and the popular kids. There’s the know it alls and brainy geekoids. We even have the athletes and cheerleaders. It’s freaky to realize that I haven’t quite evolved from high school. But funny at the same time. In speaking to one of my coworkers he labelled me as the nonconformist, dance to the beat of your own drummer girl. So I guess we’re right… I haven’t really changed all that much… Gotta jet… Have to dance to the beat of the war drum ~ A Perfect Circle


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