Posted by: txaggiechick | January 27, 2009

Daily Update

Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful… Well I guess it would be if I had a fireplace. Trifling details. ahem. I wish I had something fascinating to blog about today but alas, I worked. In fact I’m still working. But that’s okay. The weather outside is truly frightful so I don’t mind staying inside tonight with my Aggie blanket (yes I know… just embrace it… I do) and a couple hundred pages of the latest networking technology documents. Lovely huh? Who wants to dream about Sugarplum fairies or Prince Charming when there are TCP/IP Stack protocols and binary tree searches in your future? Let’s not answer that one truthfully.
In other news, my trash can is now littered with dozens of Kleenex. Yes. you heard it hear first folks. The winter weather has given me allergies or a sinus infection or something. Lovely huh? Oh well at least tonight is a wonderful night for some hot steamy soup and hot steamy networking protocols. Wee. Yes. I lead a glorious life. Be Jealous. It’s actually making me look forward to visiting the UK in the dead of winter… well almost.


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