Posted by: txaggiechick | February 1, 2009

Good Bye Football… hello Hockey!

Being a true southern girl, there are few thing I love more than a good football game. In fact I’m running late for two of the Super Bowl parties just to impart my wisdom upon you. Aren’t you special. In all honesty you truly are!

This Super Bowl truly does promise to be an epic event. Think David and Goliath… factory worker versus The Man even. You’ve got your classic cinderella story underdog with the Arizona Cardinals pitted against black and gold legend. Who ya go?

It literally reminds me of the Civil War where brother was pitted against brother in a deadly fight to protect a person’s way of life. Seriously. This week I’ve seen normal, beautiful, compassionate, genuine girls suddenly transform into snarling, football-ravaged cats. Two best friends started sparring in words that resulted in pigmy poison darts… hopefully their friendship survives tonight and their heads don’t shrink. There was a hair pulling, full on cat fight. Right now I’ve got them separated into their respective corners appraising their opponents with a malicious eye. MEOW! And no boys, there wasn’t any jello or bikini mud wrestling involved. Pity. That would have been funny to report.
In fact, I’m in a bit of a quandary myself. Who do I go for? I’m not a big NFL person. I love football but I don’t really have a favorite. In fact I’ll be quite sad at the end of the night. The parties I”m going to are Steeler parties so I may cheer for the black and gold. Besides, Big Ben is just soo cute… *eyeroll* like that would be a deciding factor! please give a girl a little cred. (that’s short for credit I’ve learned! ) But we do have our own resident hometown hero playing for the Cardinals. One of their wide receivers is a guy I knew when I was growing up and I’m super excited for him and all of his successes. Can you cheer for the man and not the team? I’ve never been a riding the fence sort of girl but to pick a side so I am sure I’m going to end up cheering for the Steelers against my predilicition to see the underdog conquer the odds and rise above to win. It will be sad to have an outcome of the game as it results in one thing and one thing only… the end of football for a whole 8 months. It’s the culimination of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears by men who weigh more than my car. And to live a life without Sunday afternoon football… that my friend is the real tragedy. What’s a girl to do?
At least the Stars are doing much better! They even won last night. Wahoo! Double backflip! Hopefully I’ll get to see some more games this year when I get back from Europe. Talk about an underdog… they have a marginal chance of making the post-season… so we’ll see. It’ll be a great journey! So bring on the ride!


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