Posted by: txaggiechick | February 16, 2009

All is coming up roses!

Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin IrelandNormally I’m right there along with all the other women about the manufactured holiday that Hallmark calls Valentines. Hell who are we kidding? I’m normally the one leading the front lines railing against the corporate holiday. But this year was different. I’m different. And it was great.

Last year I spent Valentines skiing in the Swiss Alps. This year, I was partying in Temple Bar district in Dublin. Both times there were some fantastic rock bands and plenty of drinks. It was just a thrilling experience. The Irish were all into Valentines too. But it was different. I felt more alive. I felt part of the collective human race instead of on the outside peering in. And it was fun. Everybody loves everyone instead of it just being about romantic couples. And I got a whole host of compliments. One guy even said I had the most amazing smile. It was just a lot of fun to be around so many people who were so full of life and energy. And it totally helped that Sunday they beat Italy in Rugby. I can’t wait to experience the England match. The picture above is from the front lobby (yes there were 2)  of the Shelbourne Hotel and was decorated with dozens of red flowers and the chandliers were literally dancing in rays of light.

I’ll post more about my time in Dublin. I just love this city. I always feel more alive when I’m there. The people are open and friendly. The hills were certainly alive with the sound of Guiness pouring in my glass.



  1. Ooh! How exciting! Thanks for posting the photo. I am glad that you had a good time. And yes you do have a very bright smile:) Try to have fun!

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