Posted by: txaggiechick | February 22, 2009



So this afternoon on facebook (since i’m recovering from massive jet lag), I took a quiz on facebook entitled, “What kind of woman are you?”. And the results are actually somewhat non-surprising. I’ve got some walls. Okay let’s just say that if the walls I’ve built up were built in the year of 70 AD, Jerusalem would have never fallen. Gotta work on that. Here’s the results: (and yes part of me is happy that it’s what it said.. work in progress)


Wow, you are so tough! Other women admire you for this trait. They look up to you because you can keep up with the opposite sex. They want to have your athletic body, your strength and willpower. And every woman needs this – that’s true. But you are unreachable. No guy could ever capture your heart. Maybe also because your heart got too hard. But don’t exaggerate. Remember: You are a woman and woman reflect god’s beauty and inner (emotional) strength, but not his physical strength. Show your beauty AND your strength! Sooner or later you will be in the know that inner power and self-confidence are more important in a woman’s life than muscles. 🙂 If you think you have to prove to the males that you are as strong as they are you will not only fail, you will recognize that it’s comletely senseless because this is not your destiny. Men have this little bullshit growin in their head that says they always have to be stronger than the other men. Don’t descend to this level. You’re more worth than that. BUT: The world needs strong women, womankind needs you! Establish your strengths in the right way.


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