Posted by: txaggiechick | February 23, 2009

For the love of all that’s holy…

So yesterday as I’m recovering from jet lag (which subsequently made me miss The Unit last night… for SHAME!), I stumbled upon two shows. First, I’m not afraid to admit this but I actually happened to watch an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on BRAVO! Okay. Okay. I know. I just didn’t know they offered Bravo in HD and granted I was pretty much in and out of consciousness but the show was actually filled with a bunch of empty platitudes and rules to teach women what it takes to marry a millionaire. It certainly didn’t help that both of the men featured on this show were appallingly superficial, immature, and whiny. It’s amazing they even let men carry their prized appendage. One guy even had his butler wash his hands and feed him grapes. Seriously what kind of woman wants a man like that? Needless to say I’m a little outnumbered here because there were dozens of women at these casting calls all vying for his attention. Really? But it was good to see that if that’s what it takes to marry a millionaire, those women can have those lepers and I’ll gladly take a real man who isn’t spoiled, self-centered, and arrogant. And of course there’s that whole people want to be loved for who they are, unconditionally but in order to find love you have to fit into x,y,z criteria in a box hypocrisy. I’ll take none of that and continue to have fun in the solo journey for now. I’m actually happily pursuing my own interests for a change. It’s a very comforting feeling!

The second show I watched was the only reality show I can stand. It is of course the Amazing Race which I am convinced I’m destined to win with a great partner one day! That million bucks is ours baby! What I loved was the couple who came in last on this episode. They weren’t perfect but they genuinely love each other and supported each other.  And he was the most creative task person in the cheese roadblock challenge out of the whole bunch. Who says a redneck isn’t smart? It’s kind of nice to see in a world of cynics that there’s some sincerity still left in the world, especially in those who embrace their imperfections! Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, but I would take something geniune and real over some preconceived notion of perfection any day of the week and twice on sunday… with vodka! Okay so I added the with vodka part just for myself but the other stuff is sincere. Truly!

PS: This was after I caught up on my DVR’d shows of Dirty Jobs, Flight of the Conchords, The Unit, Man v. Wild, and NCIS. Oh and I kinda watched an episode of Bones. I did all of this while cleaning and unpacking and laundry and all those other mundane Sunday chores! 🙂 You know… to save my rep for watching such poor tv. I blame the jet lag monster. For sure.


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