Posted by: txaggiechick | March 3, 2009

Sometimes there are bumps in the road …

Sometimes travel tends to get a little tedious. And I’m not saying the endless number of flights, hotels, and other craziness that ensues. But you can sometimes get a little jaded and start stereotyping those that you meet on the road. This trip to Dublin has seemed a lot like this. On the flight to O’Hare, there was TheSalesGuy. TheSalesGuy is the guy that is sitting on the plane incessently talking on his cell phone until the very last minute. He then immediately shuts off the cell phone and starts the ‘airplane chat tango’ with his next seat neighbor. (in case you missed it, that unfortunate person this particular trip was me… JOY!) No matter what you say or what you do, you will not twart TheSalesGuy. He will make conversation about the most asine things like what lake that is out the window or what year they closed Lake Travis due to flooding on the 4th of July (that was 2 years ago by the way). Sigh. You sit there, praying for the plane to land already. And as if by magic, he is no longer a part of your life. And you know more about diesel engines or whatever else he’s selling than you ever wanted to know. Even noice cancelling headphones don’t work!

Then on the international flight over there was newbie college kid who had never flown to another country before. It actually makes me nostalgic for those days again when I was really excited, nervous and thrilled to be leaving for a new terrirtory. Of course, I haven’t quite lost that feeling. I find that I use my travel schedule to run away from things. It’s a great therapy and works like a charm! A friend of mine a few months ago said something to the affect of having emotions that emulate a lava lamp. Mine have been doing that a great deal lately (thus the lack of posts) and it was nice to get on a plane and have 8 continuous hours to be alone and think. Fear not! I think I even solved the financial crisis… or at least figured out how to take over the world one Burger King at a time!

Oh and there are several nuances to hotels and accomidations! Lest I forget to tell you about my hotel here in CityWest just outside of Dublin. It’s this incredible hotel that has a very old feeling. It’s also really creepy as the lights in the hallway are automatic and flicker on and off when it detects you walking down the hallway. I should try to get a video. It literally feels like something out of a Stephen King novel.

Oh! and I’m doing really well on the road and the workout schedule. I’ve lost another inch on my waist and 6 lbs. It’s actually working out pretty well. Having a plan totally helps! And a bathing suit sitting in my closet begging for me to put it on!



  1. They should have a talking and non-talking sections in a plane.

    Congrats on your weight loss and smaller waist! Yeah! I’ve been dancing around at home with no success. But I’m having fun:)

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