Posted by: txaggiechick | March 30, 2009


Ever just wanted to push the reset button and start fresh? I wonder how many people out there wish that they were able to start again. Hell there’s only half a dozen movies out there with that theme so I’m sure it’s about as trite as a ditzy blonde in a horror movie. But, I know there are times that I would love to do that. (Admittedly because I want to play chopsticks on a human piano… but alas, reality doesn’t have giant pianos or huge loft apartments with trampolines).  But then I realize that in doing so, I wouldn’t have learned the amazing things that have helped me grow into the person I am today (good, bad or really ugly you might think). So instead I soldier on trying to not make the same mistakes twice. Sometimes the beauty is in the attempt. (That is not original. it’s from a tv show I watched a while back and sorta stuck with me so credit doesn’t go to me. But I thought it was beautiful.)

I know I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately. But I assure you my journey  continues and I’m totally a work in progress. I had an awesome weekend even though I certainly had some concerns. I am glad that I went. It was a great weekend and I really learned a lot. Today has been one of those days where I realize things that seem to be never were and those things that were, I never realized. Makes no sense huh? But I guess that’s what learning is all about. The things I thought I knew. The things I thought I could trust. I couldn’t. Only to find that there were other things that I didn’t even acknowledge which were a true source of fun, excitement, and genuine happiness. It was greatness in a glass and a splash of sweet vermouth!

Sorry for not posting more but I have been completely absorbed. A great friend of mine loaned me the complete Chronicle of Narnia series. I’ve been reading non-stop in every waking moment I have away from work, friends, and family. It’s my sweet release. Somehow I’m totally absorbed with fantasies for a little while… no not those kind. But I was looking up masqerade balls and I found this video link. I really like this ballad. Not sure why. But I thought I might share. Originally I was looking for pictures of the Masquerade Ball from Van Helsing as I thought it would be super cool for this project I’ve been working on. And I stumbled upon this.

I’m also nesting. For some reason. No. I don’t know why. But I’m spending most of my time hanging out at home, getting my photos organized. If you know the link to my picture gallery, you can see that I’ve posted 10 new galleries in the last week or so. And I just started going through the pictures I had on my old computer. So new uploads are coming quicker than a snake’s tongue!

So I’m wondering. How many of you wanted to just click the reset button? What past mistake would you like to go back and undo? And if you really think about it, how much was that mistake one of the best learning experiences of your life… provided you can pull through it on the other end a stronger, more confident (and happier) person?


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