Posted by: txaggiechick | April 5, 2009


Sorry for the depth of thought here folks. I know you prefer whimsical, funny me. But there are several slices to this pizza and the funny girl is just one. So I’m sitting here tonight thinking about scars. No, I’m not talking about the ones forming on my knuckles and fingers from some physical exertion. That’s an entirely different story. I’m talking and thinking about the emotional ones. You know those ones that build up over time? The emotional scars that build up after numerous betrayals, hurts, and disillusionments. How effective are these? I wonder. Do they serve for self preservation? Or do they keep you from truly experiencing the world in which you were meant to live? Is it possible that the scars that build up over time truly prevent you from living a life that’s truly amazing and wonderful? Do you find yourself shying away from friends and family because of past hurts and fear? Or do you find that the scars truly help you navigate toward the things that are more beneficial for you?

I was reading the article (yes, while Eric was fixing my car I picked up his Men’s Health magazine) about Bear Grylls and the Virtue of Fear. Fear? A virtue? Truly and really? Hm. Interesting. And to some extent I can now really attest to the fact that fear is a virtue. I loved this quote by him, “You can’t live someone else’s expectations in life”. No. You certainly can’t. But how many of us live for the expectations of our family? Friends? Work? It’s interesting to contemplate.

Then of course I can’t ignore James Hetfield’s latest quote from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction, “Dream big and dare to fail. I dare you to do that because this is living proof that dreams do come true.” It’s funny. I feel as though there are times I live inside my safety net. I live the life that is expected of me but not the one I truly want. I’m a huge dreamer. I have big goals and dreams. I just don’t execute on them due to … you guessed it… fear. Now it’s just up to me to push past the fear and dare to live. Dare to dream … BIG.



  1. i have thought the same thoughts

    as far as fear as a virtue – the better you are able to use natural dispositions to your advantage the better off you will be – the best way i have found to overcome fears is to blast right through them and typically find that nothing was there to fear to begin with – turning fear into understanding and strength and then helping others

    as far as living within other imposed expectations – i have struggled with this and have tried to understand what their expectations are founded from and build upon those foundations but not always to the exact outcome of the original expectation. A loose and bad example: it can be good to always uphold the expectation of being truthful, but the environments and events you are challenged in being truthful in you can determine

    Another aspect: I have found expectations to be very selfish – for it is just as wrong for me to expect you to have purple hair as it is for you to expect me to wear brown shoes.

    If there is one thing I have learned from travelling and life – I have never been let down when I had no expectations

  2. Wow. I’m soo glad I posted that. I haven’t really ever thought about why people had their expectations. And you’re totally right about them being selfish. I never quite looked at it from that angle before. Thanks!!! You totally made my day.

    Oh and how dare you not wear brown shoes… I’m soo disappointed. I dyed my hair purple for YOU … Kidding. Only kidding but I did have a purple hair week in college…. yet another story.

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