Posted by: txaggiechick | April 16, 2009

I dreamed a dream…

I know! You’re going to think I’m trite. You’re going to think that okay yeah Metalchick, everyone in the world has heard of Susan Boyle now. But you know what? It’s an amazing story of inspiration and courage. Her journey has been humble. She’s lived a honest, good life with one major selfish dream of her own. She wanted to be a successful singer. A 47 year old saucy minx of a woman who has never been married, never even been kissed… has the voice of an angel.

But does anyone else find it more interesting in her choice of song? Fantine is probably one of my most favorite tragic characters. She’s self-sacrificing, giving everything she owns including selling her own body to care for and feed her daughter. She’s meek but has a great sense of pride. And yet she fondly recalls softer, kinder times in the song, “I dreamed a dream”. Even through her hardships, Fantine remained resolute in her dream. She steadfastly did everything including dying for her little Cosette. What a fortunate little girl, even in abuse she was loved. I guess it’s true. There is beauty in the attempt.


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