Posted by: txaggiechick | April 26, 2009

Destined to be a Comic Book Heroine

So I was talking the other day with this guy when he asked just what kind of comic book super heroine I would be. Sadly Lara Croft wasn’t an option. As previously mentioned I rock that chick. But alas no he wanted super hero powers and the whole snazzy outfit. Secretly I think he has some sort of comic book fetish that he hasn’t admitted.

Lacking the opportunity to choose Lara Croft, I decided to go with a feisty redhead. Surprise surprise there. I know! Sometimes I am a little too predictable, I suppose. I chose Jean Grey from the X-Men series mostly because I’ve never actually read a comic book before but I had seen the X-men movie and she was complex, conflicted, confident, and cool. (can I alliterate or what?). Her fatal flaw of not being able to control her powers is interesting while she is also incredibly powerful to control emotions and objects. Sounds like it would be a fun little super power to possess. Just knowing whether or not you go to your boss and you’re going to get that raise ahead of time is pretty compelling. At least a girl can dream right? A quick google images search yielded this picture. Yes sirree, I think I could totally rock this chick. I may have found my next Halloween costume… You just never know with me!

Jean Grey

Jean Grey

So what would you be if you could be any super hero? Would you fly? Walk through walls? Be good? Be evil? Be nice and a little naughty? Do tell! Let your imaginations roam! Wherever I may roam!


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