Posted by: txaggiechick | May 11, 2009

Mother’s Day!

It’s really amazing the way the years have a tendency of slipping off of you like layers of clothing the closer you get to pulling into your drive way. You’re really always 17 in your home town. It’s the freakiest of phenomena. I wonder why Stephen King hasn’t written a book about it. It’s really kind of interesting how easy it is to slip into your old habits and routines (the good, the bad, and the downright ugly) the moment you cross that threshold. For me, my family has lived in the same house for over 27 years. Granted a few things have changed since I left home like my bedroom is now my mom’s dressing room. But there are far more comforting similarities than those that have changed. Yes. I did get a hankerin the semester I graduated from high school to sponge paint my entire room maroon, hunter green and navy. My Starlighter pictures and collage (that gratuitously displays a David Boreanaz homage) still hangs on the walls. Yes I know but he was hot and conflicted. Ironically my man choices have been fairly consistent.

Anyway I digress. I had a point. Uhm Really. But I did find it funny that immediately my old habits started playing out before me like a 10 piece marching band.  My shoes were shaken before being placed on my feet in case scorpions decided to reside in their depths. Gotta have my diet dr pepper for breakfast. And sitting outside by the bbq pit as it billows out smoke cooking those amazing pork and beef ribs reading are all my favorite things to do at home. So my Mother’s Day was just what I always wanted and it was fantastic. I even got the golden opportunity to see my niece roll over for the first time AND catch that on film. Take that Steven Spielberg!

For your viewing pleasure. The man was and still is hot. hot hot hot.

David and all his hotness

David and all his hotness


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