Posted by: txaggiechick | May 22, 2009

For the love of an airport…

For anyone who spends a modicum amount of time traveling, you will invariably encounter the ever elusive place called an airport. These places are not be confused with casual, carefree train stations. Oh no siree. Airports are a hub of activity day and night. Airports are as unique in character as the patrons that careen down their hallways (sometimes they run. And I just saw someone do a cartwheel). And today is no different. I’m not a fan of O’Hare. We’ve discussed this. Even though today I’m stuck a lot longer than I really wanted to be, I was able to find the ever-elusive power outlet. Thank goodness for small miracles since finding a power outlet at O’Hare is like trying to find a beer in Saudi Arabia or someone sober at Mardi Gras. It’s that rare. I kid you not. Today’s a fun day to be at the airport as it’s the start of Memorial Day weekend and more casual passengers are flying to destinations filled with sandy beaches and hopefully a few dozen cocktails with umbrellas! Gotta have the umbrellas so they don’t get hot!

No where else in the world can you see the savvy business man with his blue tooth chatting away about this new deal he’s going to close. I so desperately want to run up to him and try to get his slicked back hair to move. He’s sitting next to the indie rocker chick (which reminds me, I’ve GOT to find out where she got that belt. kick ass). There’s some navy sailors chatting it up with an elderly couple. And this one woman wearing white pants… who wears white pants? … complaining about the condition of the seats. It’s a great place to people watch.

You also get to see some pretty incredible moments while you’re here. The elderly couple just gave up their seats on the DFW flight since the navy sailors are flying standby and trying to get home on leave.The other day when I was departing Austin, I noticed that everyone (And I do mean the entire airport) was standing, silently, and watching out the window as a soldier was taken home to his final resting place. It was certainly a bitter sweet moment. I was proud of everyone for respecting him and his family. Okay enough of the sappy stuff.

Did you know that in a lot of airports you can start buying alcohol early? Seriously. If I wasn’t doing the race in less than 24 hours I would already be tossing back an ice cold bud. But I’m being a good girl so I can kick ass on the trail this weekend. Should be fun. So excited. But for right now I have got to go talk to Mr. TooCool and his slicked back hair. I can’t resist just messing with him a bit. Carpe Diem!

PS: Quick update. I just met this guy who’s trying to convince me to drink egg martini’s. He swears it’s the new ‘thing’ in Chicago. I wonder if it’ll catch on. The recipe sounds intriguing. I might have to try it. This is going on at the same time that I see a woman running to catch a plane in a full ballgown style wedding dress and veil. Man. Why did I have to forget to charge my camera?



  1. Egg martinis sound very interesting. Not that I would ever drink them.

    You are right that at the airport, you see the strangest things. Also, at O’Hare airport, there is this bar. The bartender always, always asks for an ID. I thought it was funny when he asked me. But then a 70 year old man walked in and ordered a drink. You should have seen the look on his face when the bartender asked him for an ID. Very very entertaining:)

    Have fun and keep us posted on the egg martinis.

  2. I’ve had an egg martini before. I don’t think they are the best thing, but they are ok. I’m not a huge martini drinker though, I actually prefer margaritas.

    Speaking of margaritas, did you know that the “official” Willams-Sonoma mix for margaritas calls for egg whites? (I kid you not.) I guess they help keep the froth “fluffy.” Sounds a bit odd, I know but, come on, who does not like fluffy froth?

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